Family plans to rebuild following fire

Oscar Quistian said his house at 207 N. K St. was "a total loss" after a Saturday night fire. Quistian, his wife Gabby and two young children were living in the home, but nobody was injured. Assistant Fire Chief Kevin Warlick said earlier that he estimated the damage at approximately $20,000. The fire was called in at 5:16 p.m. and it took 30 minutes to extinguish, Warlick said.

Oscar Quistian looks over the damage caused by a fire to his home at 207 N. K St. and said Monday that it was a total loss.

"She's done. It's all she wrote," he said. "It may have been something electrical, but they haven't told us yet. We lost everything except for a few clothes. Everything that didn't catch fire melted."

Assistant Fire Chief Kevin Warlick said he estimated the damage at $20,000.

Quistian and his wife Gabby lived at the home with their two young children, a 4-year-old girl and 2-year-old boy, for two years. No members of the family were hurt in the fire.

Warlick said Saturday said the fire started in the laundry room and spread through the back of the house. It was called in at 5:16 p.m and took 30 minutes to extinguish, he said. Three fire trucks and a rescue unit responded to the fire, Warlick said, adding the fire department stayed at the scene until 7 p.m.

"Our dog (a Great Dane) had gotten out. My wife got dressed to see where the dog was," Quistian said. "All of a sudden, she saw a bunch of fire and smoke and said, 'Oh my god, we've got to get out.' She grabbed the kids.

"I was fixing my truck after it had broken down when they called me and said my house was on fire. I hurried over as quick as I could. It was pretty bad."

Quistian said he and his family will live with either his mother Lucila, who lives next door, or other family members.

"It's tough, but we'll get through," he said.

Quistian said he plans to "demolish the house, level it out, put a fence around it."

"We'll rebuild," he said. "This is the neighborhood where I grew up. We're going to be good. The good Lord blessed us this time."

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