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Q: What are the ordinances on dogs running loose down Cemetery Road or any street in Fort Gibson? There are a lot of walkers down Cemetery Road and there are two dogs in 400 block of Cemetery Road that run all over town — and they will run at you barking and growling. One is red and white, and the other is black.

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A. Town ordinance 6-1-9.a states that it is illegal for the owner or keeper of “any” animal to allow the animal to run at large. The animal must be kept under restraint at all times. Your question mainly concerned dogs. If the dog is inside a fenced yard or being walked on a leash, it is considered “restrained.” If the dog is running at large the owner of the dog is in violation of the town ordinance and could receive a citation. Contact Town of Fort Gibson Animal Control, (918) 478-2610 and our animal control officer can help you.

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1st. Sergeant Brandon Combs

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