Submitted photo David Robinson with a 70-pound spoonbill.

Can you believe it? May already. School will be out in a few more weeks.

Another school year is almost over.

Many Seniors will be out of school and on their own.

Best of luck to all the area seniors.

Please plan for your future. Make good decisions.

Get an education and make the best of your future.

Anglers are catching sand bass using the roostertails, silver spoons, a snapper zapper lure or plastic lures.

Color varies from day to day. A silver color works the best.

   The crappie anglers are using minnows or plastic lures to catch crappie on the park side of Fort Gibson Dam.

The east side of the dam has been slow for crappie anglers.

Those fishing the docks in Ranger Creek, Wildwood, or Jackson Bay areas have been catching fish in 5- to 8-feet of water. Jigs or minnows work best.

The catfishermen have been using trotlines or fishing a 10" slip cork in the turbines, below Fort Gibson Dam. Cut shad, goldfish or chicken livers have been used.

Anthony Brewer and Dalton Toll and some of Anthony's fishing buddies have been trotlining the river and taking nice stringers of catfish.

  Make sure you have the 2012 paddlefish permit if you or anyone of your fishing buddies plan to snag spoonbills.

The Game Rangers are writing plenty of tickets, to those anglers breaking the law.

Plenty of spoonbills have been snagged.

Remember, you can not take spoonbills home on Mondays or Fridays.

 Nor can you put them on a stringer on Mondays or Fridays.

Pick up a free fishing regulation at any licensed dealer, for additional information.

David Robinson brought by a 70-pound spoonbill David snagged below Fort Gibson Dam.

David wanted his picture put on the Mr. Crappie's Brag Board. It's that time of the year for the Mr. Crappie Bait and Tackle's Biggest Crappie Contest.

Bring in the biggest crappie and win $100 for the adults and $75 for the 12-year-old and under class.

Details in the store. Get fishing for crappie.

To all the seniors — don't drink and drive and have a safe time at the prom or graduation parties.

Until next time good luck and good fishing ... Keep the line tight.

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