Happy New Year! ... I know it's March but, better late than never. Spring is only a few weeks away. We need some warmer temperatures to make this a great fishing season. Many anglers have been out testing those new rods, reels and fancy lures hoping to catch a fish.

There is only one problem, the water temperature is still too cold. We need some sunshine and warm weather to raise the water temperature to get the crappie, catfish, sandbass and stripers in a feeding mood.

Mother Nature will make it happen. Just be ready.

Anglers wanting to snag spoonbill have found the regulations have changed. Any angler snagging a spoonbill will need a paddlefish permit in their possession. The permit is "free.”

The permit can be obtained from any Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Licensed-dealer. The permit can be added with your 2008 fishing license.

For additional information, ask a licensed dealer for a copy of the 2008 fishing regulations. Don't forget to bend the barbs from the treble hooks.

Anglers are finding it hard to catch any fish below Fort Gibson Dam. The lake is almost back to normal elevation. The Corps of Engineers have had the gates open and the turbines running.

Still no fish. Not even the spoonbill. In time, guys and girls.

Talked to several dock owners, on the Lake, and they were wondering, where's the crappie? Again the water temperature is still cold. Crappie will begin to spawn when the water is near the 65-degree mark. A true crappie fisherman reported the temperature to be in 40's. this is too cool for spawning crappie.

Catfishing also has been slow on the lake.

2008 marks the 10th year for Mr. Crappie Bait and Tackle. This is also the 10th year for this article. I appreciate all the nice comments made by all the devoted customers. A "Big" thanks and my deepest appreciation to The Fort Gibson Times for allowing me the space to provide you with pictures and current fishing information.

Let’s make 2008 the best year ever.

Until fishing picks up the Mr. Crappie article will appear every two weeks.

‘Til next time good fishing and good luck.

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