Goat yoga comes to downtown Muskogee


Annie Czaruk, director of Fostering Hope in Muskogee, answers questions about the Goat Yoga event scheduled for Oct. 20 at Hunt’s Green Space, 330 W. Broadway.

1 What is Fostering Hope?

“Fostering Hope is a nonprofit organization started by Muskogee citizens with the desire to aid children when they are placed in foster care.”

2 What is goat yoga?

“Goat yoga is a fitness trend that combines yoga with small goats. A yoga instructor (Muskogee’s own Bert Luton) will teach a class with the help of 10 small goats. The goats entertain and enlighten Yogis and spectators alike. Oklahoma’s own Carrie Underwood and country star Brad Paisley have tweeted on the fun experience and shows like CBS This Morning have featured the goat yoga phenomenon. Website include: https://goatyoga.net/goat-therapy/https://www.cnn.com/2017/01/12/health/goat-yoga-oregon-trnd/index.html  and http://www.latimes.com/style/pets/la-hm-pets-goat-yoga-20170827-story.html .”

3 How can I help with this event?

“Participation. Sponsorship. Financial support. Info and sign-up info at fhmuskgoatyoga2018.eventbrite.com. Also at Fostering Hope of Muskogee on Facebook and on Instagram. Spectators are welcome.” 

4 Is the event open to anyone?

“Open to anyone 13 years and older. Bring own mat.”

5 Are there activities for children?

“Kids carnival, crafting, petting zoo and concessions. Sponsored by local churches and organizations. $5 a child.” 

If you go

WHAT: Goat Yoga.

WHERE: Hunt’s Green Space, 313 W. Broadway.

WHEN: 10 a.m. Oct. 20.

INFORMATION: Fostering Hope, (918) 616-8143.

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