Making a Difference in our Community — Hadee Wood


Hadee Wood talks about her volunteering efforts.

What, personally speaking, drives you to volunteer?

"I don’t think of it as volunteering. Each day we have opportunities however small or insignificant, to make things better for someone, or something, with a gesture of kindness, or assistance. I have been so blessed personally each day, so I try to give back in any way I can."

What makes volunteering important to a community?

"We want our community to grow, to be better. Generosity of all kinds attracts others to want to be a part of our community. We all need to be examples. 'Bee to honey.'”

How can people help the organization you volunteer for?

"I use social media to reach out for assistance when I recognize or hear of a need. Facebook is an excellent tool for me. I put out the need and make others aware and they in turn make others aware, the trickle down affect."

If you would like to help out at the Gospel Rescue Mission, contact Charolette Sanders at (918) 682-3489, ext. 108.


Know somebody who is making a difference in the area through their volunteer efforts? Let us know so we can feature them in a spotlight. Send email to or call (918) 684-2929 and speak to Executive Editor Elizabeth Ridenour.

— Ronn Rowland

NAME: Hadee Wood.

AGE: 69.


VOLUNTEER WITH: Gospel Resuce Mission.

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