Making a different in the community — Macy Jones


Hilldale graduate and Oklahoma State student Macy Jones talks about volunteering with Fostering Hope.

What, personally speaking, drives you to volunteer?

“What drives me to volunteer is the opportunity to make my community a better place while working as the hands and feet of God. One of the best pieces of advice I have received is to do every task as though you were doing it for the Lord. I carry this piece of advice with me whether I am raking leaves, painting houses, or sorting through donations, so I can constantly strive to honor God through my work. “

What makes volunteering important to a community?

“Volunteering is very important because it not only improves a community ..., it also positively affects the volunteers as much as it does the people receiving the aid. When I volunteer in my community I feel more connected to the people there and, together, we share this sense of pride for our town. I truly believe we are more powerful together, so through volunteering we can improve our town and the people in it one project at a time.”

How can people help the organization you volunteer for?

“People can help Fostering Hope of Muskogee by going to their website at to find a list of ways to help. Also, you can follow them on their social media outlets.”

— Ronn Rowland

NAME: Macy Jones

AGE: 18

DAY JOB: Full-time college student at OSU

VOLUNTEERS WITH: Fostering Hope in Muskogee

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