Three Rivers Photography Club

May 2019 winners

General Pictorial

First Place — "Farrell, freckles, and azaleas" by Laberta Lashley — Advanced.

Second Place — "combs bridge bw" by Walter Richardson — Intermediate.

Third Place — "The Makings of a Romantic Evening" by Nancy Gassaway — Advanced.

Photo Journalism

First Place — "calf roper" by Walter Richardson — Intermediate.

Second Place — "Got it!" by Laberta Lashley — Advanced.

Third Place — "Georgia-Pacific fire aftermath" by Pam Wemhaner — Advanced.


First Place — "Up to his ankles in it" by LaDonna Criner — Advanced.

Second Place — "Winging It" by Bill Foreman — Intermediate.

Third Place — "Butterfly and sneaky spider" by Jason Unwin — Advanced.


First Place — "family fun" by Laberta Lashley — Advanced.

Second Place — "Roses are Red" by Pam Wemhaner — Advanced.

Third Place — "filter fun" by Walter Richardson — Intermediate.

Special Competition — "Eyes"

First Place — "Got my eye on you!" by LaDonna Criner.

Second Place — "Tilly's eyes" by Laberta Lashley.

Third Place — "Here's Looking At You, Kid" by Bill Foreman.

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