August 2019 Winners

General Pictorial

First Place — "Me and My Shadow" by Nancy Gassaway — Advanced.

Second Place — "Warped time" by Walter Richardson — Intermediate.

Third Place — "Ribbon of Water" by Cindy Foreman — Intermediate.

Honorable Mention — "The Rose" by Jason Unwin — Advanced.

Photo Journalism

First Place — "Return of the Cherokee Remember the Removal Riders by Nancy Gassaway — Advanced.

Second Place — "An icon in Webbers Falls killed by the floods" by Pam Wemhaner — Advanced.

Third Place — "Golf on a hot day" by Laberta Lashley — Advanced.

Honorable Mention — "A few of many" by Walter Richardson — Intermediate.


First Place — "Hidden in the needles" by Polly Moore — Advanced.

Second Place — "Burst of Beauty" by Nancy Gassaway — Advanced.

Third Place — "Mother nature at work" by Walter Richardson — Intermediate.

Honorable Mention — "I like nuts. What about it?" by Jason Unwin — Advanced.


First Place — "Make Mine with Lime" by Nancy Gassaway — Advanced.

Second Place — "Whirling leaves" by Laberta Lashley — Advanced.

Special Competition — Animals

First Place — "It must be love" by Walter Richardson.

Second Place — "Teddy Ball" by Pam Wemhaner.

Third Place — "Bright Eyed Pigeon Under A Bridge" by Jason Unwin.

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