TULSA — Many bands can play cover tunes that you want to hum along with, but it’s rare to find a band who will make you want to dance for seemingly no discernible reason.

Tulsa’s RPM may have found the secret to making that happen, though, by adding a fourth member to the band who doesn’t play any instrument.

Instead, the band’s light technician, Rodney Smith, coordinates his light show with the music, creating a feel that makes people just want to dance.

“It’s like the disco clubs from the 70s,” said fan Kerry McHenry. “They’re a cool band and put on a great show. They get the crowd energized and involved.”

That’s by design, said the band’s guitarist and vocalist, Paul Roper.

“We’re a band that is essentially for all ages,” he said. Young and old like RPM because “we do some of the class rock, plus new rock. We try to keep it danceable and upbeat. We’re kind of eclectic.”

That’s a good word to describe a band that plays everything from disco, blues, Jet, Led Zepplin, Van Morrison, Maroon Five, Lenny Kravitz, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

“We even throw in a little Dwight Yoakum,” Roper said.

The band also does some of its own original tunes, from a CD released last January titled “Spladow.”

With all that going on, you might think the band could get a little too intense. Not so, Roper said.

“We cut up a lot. We don’t take ourselves so seriously that it gets in the way,” he said. “We try to keep everything upbeat and play music that people like.”

The light show evolved from that rapport, when Smith, originally a fan, “kind of adopted” the band and brought in his own light show, becoming a permanent member of the band.

If you want to see the band’s lighter side, just request a tune.

“We do requests, but be careful what you ask for; you might get it,” Roper said, laughing. “We might try to play it, whether we know it or not.”

That willingness to try almost anything clearly translates to the audience, who get into the groove with the band.

“We do a good job at gauging an audience,” Roper said. “We visit a lot with them, we make them sing along with us. It’s really their party, we’re just happy to be invited.”

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