Man arrested after 14 dogs found dead, 20 others malnourished


A Rentiesville man was arrested after McIntosh County Sheriff’s deputies found 10 dogs on the property which were malnourished and had no food or water, according to a court document.

Fredrick L. Burkhalter, 46, was arrested on complaints of animal cruelty.

After viewing the 10 dogs, officers returned to Burkhalter’s residence with a warrant Tuesday as part of a joint investigation with the McIntosh County District Attorney’s Office. At that time, officers recovered 20 live dogs and “observed the remains of 14 deceased canines which were laying about the property.” The court documents also state “that several deceased canines were still tied to trees and within dog houses.” The deputy also wrote in the court documents that “of the living canines, none had access to food and only few had access to water or shelter.”

A local veterinarian said that all of the live dogs on the property “were malnourished and all appeared to be in various stages of starvation.”

As a result of these observations, all 20 living canines were examined by the veterinarian and placed in the custody of Happy Paws Animal Rescue of Checotah to be treated.

When deputies arrived, they spoke with Burkhalter in the front yard. 

“During this time the defendant was uncooperative, failed to follow commands” given to him by a deputy “and had to be physically restrained and placed into a patrol car so law enforcement could continue executing the search warrant.”

In addition to animal cruelty, Burkhalter was arrested on a complaint of obstructing an officer in performance of duties.

Burkhalter is expected to be in McIntosh County District Court on Thursday.

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