Peggy and Ethan

Ethan McIntosh and Peggy McGuire

Investigators say they found a missing Oklahoma teenager alive.

Muscogee Creek Nation Press Secretary Jason Salsman said Ethan McIntosh was found alive in the Texanna Road area more than 20 miles from where he was last seen in Stidham, in southeast Oklahoma.

“All day long, all of us involved in this story, all of us involved in looking and working this case hoped and prayed for a happy ending and it seems like that’s what we have here,” Salsman said.

McIntosh was reported missing after being last seen around 5:45 p.m. Monday and multi-agency searches overnight were unsuccessful.

Salsman said he didn’t have details yet on how McIntosh was found or who found him. He added that there was no initial indication that McIntosh was injured.

He thanked agencies involved in the search efforts, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Muskogee Nation Lighthorse, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, and more.

“We are so very fortunate that all these agencies came together,” Salsman said.

Investigators will continue looking into the reasons leading to his disappearance.

Salsman said community members also joined the search to find McIntosh, the 13-year-old son of Peggy McGuire, a Eufaula nurse who has been missing since November 2015.

Peggy McGuire was last seen and heard from on Nov. 16, 2015, after she dropped her son off at school in Canadian that morning, family members previously told the News-Capital.

She talked on the phone with her father at 8:15 a.m. on her way home from Canadian about fixing the deck for her house and she was supposed to meet her mother, Betty Davis, at a basketball game that evening.

Salsman said the community was shocked when Peggy McGuire went missing and continues searching for justice and closure.

“I’m a son of Eufaula and let me tell you, this community is really tight-knit,” Salsman said. “Even if people aren’t related, they know one another and they care about each other.”

Investigators have not found anything connecting the cases as of Tuesday afternoon.

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