A Hollywood A-list actor has been spotted out and about at various locations around Muskogee filming a new movie set in the Midwest.

Shia LaBeouf is listed as the star of “American Honey,” a movie written and directed by Oscar and Cannes-winning filmmaker Andrea Arnold. The drama explores a magnetic young girl at the cusp of her independence who runs away with a group of kids and finds herself on a wild adventure across America, according to a media release.

Location manager for the film, Mark Jarrett, said citizens of Muskogee have been great so far and very welcoming to their entire team.

“We’ve been here a while and enjoying our time,” Jarrett said. “We’re really appreciative of the area sharing their place with us.”

Jarrett said he has no idea how long they will be filming in the area and because of the high profile actors and beginning actors featured in the film, the team needs the help of the community trying to keep as low of a profile as possible.

“The film is being shot documentary style. Most of the people I’ve talked to have been really understanding of that,” Jarrett said. “We haven’t been too bombarded with onlookers; that’s not how we want to make this film to look.”

Muskogee police have been securing the locations where the films shots are taking place. Wednesday, the crew was filming at Kmart on Shawnee Bypass.

Jarrett said to keep the film as natural as possible they are asking the community to pay them no mind if you see them.

“For us to film it in the way we feel is best we need cooperation and just kind of ignoring if you see us, just keep driving,” Jarrett said. “Everyone will have a moment when you run into us. We’re asking not to Tweet or text location until after we’re gone. If 100 people show up and we’re trying to work, we can’t work because we want things in a realistic style without a lot of control. It’s been working pretty well.”

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