WHAT: Muskogee Board of Education.

WHEN: 6 p.m. Tuesday.

WHERE: Education Service Center, 202 W. Broadway.


• Call to order; invocation; Pledge of Allegiance.

• Public Participation in Board meetings.

• RECOGNITION OF STUDENTS AND STAFF MEMBERS — Students from Cherokee Elementary; Certified Staff: Elementary - Whittier Team; Secondary - Allison Kirkley, 7 & 8 Grade Academy. Salaried Support: Jerome Jones - Transportation; Support: Graciela Castillo - Custodian - Cherokee.

• Executive Session is proposed for: Discussion with Legal Counsel on the Ronald Davis vs. MPS case.

• Return to open session.

• SUPERINTENDENT'S REPORT — Technology Report, Eric Wells; Budget Report, John Little.



• APPROVE CHANGE TO MPS DISTRICT CALENDAR FOR 2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR —Listing Feb. 18, 2020 as a Virtual Day on the District School Calendar for the 2019-2020 School Year.

• PROPOSED EXECUTIVE SESSION. Upon return to open session, the Board will consider the following: BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Education of Muskogee School District I-20 upon recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools to APPROVE personnel resolutions A. through H. as stated.

A. Temporary employment of certified staff for the 2019-2020 school year: Adam Molt, Special Education Teacher, Pershing, effective 2/19/2020.

B. Extra-duty of certified staff for the 2019-2020 school year: Melanie Broyles, Title I Tutor MHS, $25/hour; Raytosha Craft, Title I Tutor MHS, $25/hour; Donna Cochran, Title I Tutor Pershing, $25/hour; Clarissa McJunkins, Title I Tutor Pershing, $25/hour; Tracy Lord, Title I Tutor Pershing, $25/hour; Regina Kelley, Title I Tutor Pershing, $25/hour; Pamela White, Title I Tutor Pershing, $25/hour; Cortney Beaver, Title I Tutor Pershing, $25/hour; Emma Norris, Title I Tutor Pershing, $25/hour; Nigel Carter, JH Track 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 02/19/2020.

C. Resignation of employment of certified staff for the 2019-2020 school year: Michael Harris, History Teacher MHS, effective 01/02/2020; Marisa Patrick, 2nd grade Teacher Creek, effective 01/27/2020.

D. FMLA of certified staff for the 2019-2020 school year: Marisa Patrick, Teacher Creek, effective 01/20/2020 up to 12 weeks.

E. Employment of support staff for the 2019-2020 school year: Erica Williams, Teacher Assistant ECC, effective 02/19/2020; Rachel Cragg, Teacher Assistant ECC, effective 02/19/2020; John Dean, Custodian Cherokee, effective 02/19/2020; Laura Hamilton, Custodian Tony Goetz, effective 02/19/2020.

F. Resignation of employment of support staff for the 2019-2020 school year: Cheyenne Fletcher, Indian Ed Liaison ECC/Pershing, effective 02/12/2020; Jessie Shepherd, FabLab Asst. District, effective 02/07/2020.

G. Non-completion of probation period of support staff for the 2019-2020 school year: Antonio Taylor CNS-4hr MHS effective 01/31/2020.

H. FMLA of support staff for the 2019-2020 school year: Adam Tulino, Plumber District, effective 12/18/2019 - 01/10/2020. 




BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Education of Muskogee School District I-20 upon

recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools to APPROVE Standing Resolutions A. – J. as listed:

A. Minutes Jan. 21 regular meeting and Feb. 4 special meeting.

B. Schedule of Payments —  Checks to be issued in payment January encumbrances/invoices as duly audited from the funds and in the amounts listed below and itemized in the financial reports: AP – Checks # 20202733 to 20203194 $3,466,649.70; DD's - # 22004403 to 22005269 $ 1,961,139.49.

C. Schedule of Encumbrances – Numbered 20003093 to 20003572 $681,848.

D. Operating & Investment Funds Jan. 1-31 — 1. Operating Account ($2,903,434.56); 2. Investment Account $ 0.

E. Financial Report — 1. Balance Sheet; 2. FY 2020 Expense/Revenue Report

3. Activity Fund; 4. Designation of Funds; 5. Investments; 6. Budget Amendments

F. PO's Over $15,000

2020 PO's Fund

20003103 Collier Ed Consulting 11 $27,000, Prof Dev

20003108 Crowl Oil Co 11 $18,000, Diesel /Gas

20003203 Carrier Enterprises 28 $16,811.88, HVAC

20003330 Educational Data Systems 28 $20,600, Tech under $5,000

20003365 BSN Sports 28 $37,350, Uniforms

20003418 Trinity 3 11 $57,800, Computers

20003536 Martin Brothers 28 $23,825.10, Paint Indian Bowl

20003548 Supreme Trailer Sales 36 $39,075, FFA Trailer

G. Contracts — Educational Consulting Svc, $27,000, 515 T1, Support; Renaissance Learning $22,171.13 Servpro $72,501.24, Whittier Emergency; New Tech Network $77,185, Membership.

H. Transfers From MHS Concessions 854 to ROTC 949, $233.

I. Acceptance of 2019 Audit Rpt, Kerry Patten, CPA.

J. Surplus Contents of ARJH (Less Items removed before auction).

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