Wooden gavel

Divorce decree

Chris Jones vs. Warren Jones, incompatibility.

Protective orders

Kimber Elaine Farris vs. Brandon Lee McKee, Sept. 30.

Jennifer Sue Girty vs. Sergio Michael Garcia Jr., Sept. 30.

Heather M. Henderson vs. Steven A. Armstrong, Sept. 30.

Civil suits

Valle Serrulata, LLC vs. Candy Miller, et al. petition for judgment, $11,036.

Westlake Services, LLC vs. Carol L. Hinton, petition for judgment, $7,741.

Small claims

Ernie's Pharmacy vs. Toni Boswell, $83.96, Oct. 13.

Patty Watson, et al. vs. Darcy Sanchez, $3,640, Sept. 27.

Initial appearances

GOINS, Demarco DeShawn. Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs; carrying a firearm while under the influence. Bond same. Disposition docket Oct. 26.

WARRIOR, Diedre. Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and drugs; possession of controlled dangerous substance; unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia; transporting open container of intoxicating beverage. Bond same. Disposition docket Oct. 26.


HORN, Rodney Lee. Second-degree burglary; larceny from the house; grand larceny in the house or vessel. Per plea agreement.

JACOBSON, Henry Dale. Endeavoring to manufacture controlled dangerous substance/possession of material with intent to manufacture (two counts); possession of controlled dangerous substance; child endangerment — permitting abuse. Best interest of justice.

JOHNSON, Damien Marshone. Domestic abuse - assault and battery - second and subsequent; committing felony with felony with defaced ID number. Best interest of justice.

TODD, Corey Alan. Child abuse; domestic assault and battery in presence of minor. Lack of jurisdiction.


DEFFEBAUGH, Stephen Ramone. Second-degree burglary; possession of burglary tools; possession of controlled dangerous substance. One five-year, one one-year and one six-month concurrent suspended sentences. Fined $1,600.

JACKSON, Devon Marcus. First-degree robbery; possession of firearm after former felony conviction. Two concurrent 20-year sentences in prison. Fined $2,000.

JOHNSON, Damien Marshone. Possession of sawed-off shotgun; possession of firearm after former felony conviction; public intoxication. Two 12-year and one 30-day concurrent sentences in prison.

KNIGHT, A'Kavius Deonte. Shooting with intent to kill; conspiracy; malicious injury to property - under $1,000; obstructing officer. Two five-year and two one-year concurrent suspended sentences. Fined $1,200.

DUI arrests

BETHEL, Michael. Driving under the influence of alcohol; possession of paraphernalia; possession of controlled substance. City arrest.

CLIFFT, James Tanner. Driving under the influence of any other intoxicating substance; transporting open container of beer. City arrest.

DRISKELL, Eddie Clifford. Driving under the influence of alcohol; use of firearm while committing a felony; receive, possess or conceal stolen property; trafficking in illegal drugs (two counts); carry or possess firearm by convicted felon. City arrest.

JOHNSON, Adrian Lamar. Driving with license canceled, suspended or revoked; driving under the influence - second offense in 10 years. Oklahoma Highway Patrol arrest.

LEMON, Richard Royce. Driving while impaired; violation of Oklahoma vehicle license and registration act. City arrest.

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