Marriage licenses

Matthew Logan Blair, 26, and Makayla Rikki Christie, 24, both of Fort Gibson.

Michael Lee Parris, 42, and Stacie LeeAnn Carpenter, 39, both of Muskogee.

Protective order

Brandy Lynn Piela vs. Josiah Jorrell Piela, Feb. 4.

Civil suits

State of Oklahoma vs. Jarrod Lee Shanks, forfeiture.

Capital One Bank vs. Kyle Bret Bogle, petition for judgment, $3,886.59.

American Bank of Oklahoma v. John Walker, et al., replevin. 

OneMain Financial vs. Frank Meeks, petition for judgment, $9,337.55.

Armstrong Bank vs. Harold Lloyd McElmurry, et al., foreclosure.

In re: Phillip Steven Blottie, lost title.

In re: Bardon Jardot Smith, lost title.

In re: Bessie Eugenia Miller, lost title.

In re: Noel Jeremy Baker, lost title.

Calvary SPV vs. Nicario William Duke, et al., petition for judgment, $1,664.81.

Small claims

Rick Todd vs. Farrell Carnell Coppin, $2,275, Jan. 31.

Ardmore Finance vs.:

• Cary Hudspeth, $1,347, Feb. 19.

• Nekia Pride, $300, Feb. 19.

• Stacy Lynn Holloway, $474, Feb. 19.

• Adonis L. Burton, $212, Feb. 19.

• Jodie L. Simpson, $342, Feb. 19.

• Todd Henry, $744, Feb. 19.

• Michael Davis, $239, Feb. 19.

• Jacquelyn Hopkins, $132, Feb. 19.

• Michael Wayne Smith, $342, Feb. 19.

• Michael Dewayne Pease, $1,442, Feb. 19.

• Amber Shanee Brown, $895, Feb. 19.

Initial appearances

BRUBECK, Maria Brooke. Child neglect. Sounding docket Jan. 31. Bond $5,000.

DECOLONGON, Ron Joseph. Possession of stolen vehicle. Sounding docket Jan. 31. Bond $7,500.

HARFORD, Branden Wayne. Bail jumping. Sounding docket Jan. 31. Held without bond.

HOLMES, Brayden Wayne. Assault and battery with a deadly weapon. Sounding docket Jan. 31. Bond $100,000.

JOHNSON, D'montre Keith. First-degree burglary. Sounding docket Jan. 31. Bond $50,000.


COLLINS, Brian Keith. Possession of controlled dangerous substance; driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs; driving with license cancelled/suspended/revoked; failure to carry insurance; unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia; possession of controlled dangerous substance. Sentenced Jan. 17. Six one-year concurrent suspended sentences. Fined $1,000.

FENNELL, Jr., Jason Deandre. Domestic assault and battery by strangulation; domestic abuse, assault and battery; threaten to perform act of violence (two counts.) Sentenced Jan. 17. One five-year, one one-year, and two six-month concurrent sentences in prison. Fined $600.

GUTIERREZ, Gabriel. Conspiracy to distribute controlled dangerous substance; use of communications facility. Sentenced Jan. 17. Two five-year concurrent suspended sentences in prison. Fined $1,000.

HIX, Valerie Dawn. First-degree arson (two counts;) endangering human life during arson. Sentenced Jan. 17. Three six-year concurrent suspended sentences. Fined $3,000.

MILLER-YOCHAM, Melissa Dawn. Grand larceny; malicious injury to property - over $1,000. Sentenced Jan. 17. Two two-year concurrent suspended sentences.

MOORE, Curtiss. Child endangerment by driving under the influence; driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol; transporting opened container of beer; failure to maintain lane. Sentenced Jan. 17. One five-year, one one-year, and one six-month concurrent suspended sentences. Fined $1,510.

PURDOM, Ruben James. Making a bomb threat; petit larceny. Sentenced Jan. 17. One seven-year, and one six-month concurrent suspended sentences. Fined $1,500.

SPALDING, Matthew Aaron. Domestic assault and battery with dangerous weapon; domestic assault and battery by strangulation. Sentenced Jan. 17. One 10-year and one three-year concurrent suspended sentences in prison.

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