Civil suits

Barclays Bank Delaware vs. Eddie L. Edwards, petition for judgment, $4,319.74.

Jefferson Capital Systems vs. Leah A. Eldredge, petition for judgment, $1,467.66.

Portfolio Recovery Associates vs. Douglas Pingleton, petition for judgment, $1,363.46.

OneMain Financial Group, et al. vs. Ashley D. Bermudes, petition for judgment, $1,771.17.

Tinker Federal Credit Union vs. Margie E. Culwell, petition for judgment, $6,157.49.

Valerie Anthony-Pressley vs. Sophisticuts by Maria, petition for judgment, excess of $75,000.

Small claims

Security Finance, et al. vs. Wendy K. Gordon, $1,290, June 21.

Tosha Brown vs. Leslie Helms, et al., forcible entry and detainer, May 29.

The Parisian vs. Adam's H Garden, $8,972.84, June 3.

Country Club Apartments vs.:

• Stephen Jones, et al., $520, June 3.

• Raymond Fields III, et al., $674, June 3.

• Jacob Davis, et al., $624, June 3.

• Cary Vonn Wickersham, et al., $5,000, June 3.

BRL Properties vs. Dena Seth, $700, June 3.

Black Mesa Properties vs. Gregory Glover, $995, June 3.

Master Finance vs.:

• Dennis Dobson, $232, June 21.

• Joseph Johnson, $212, June 21.

• JacQueline S. Vann, $360, June 21.

• Ida M. Berrier, $212, June 21.

Ardmore Finance vs.:

• Eric Arnold, $355, June 21.

• Monica McCrary, $355, June 21.

• Shelby Taylor Rose, $499, June 21.

• Susan Robinson, $457, June 21.

• Gary Stewart, $717, June 21.

Initial appearances

DRISKELL, Wayland Lee aka DRISKELL, Waylon “Cuff.” First-degree rape (by force or fear; first-degree rape (victim intoxicated by narcotic or anesthetic; unlawful possession of controlled drug with intent to distribute. Sounding docket May 31. Bond $50,000.

JONES, Bryon Tyler aka HARRIS-JONES, Bryon Tyler. Entering with intent to steal copper; obtaining cash or merchandise by bogus check/false pretenses. Preliminary hearing May 30. Bond $5,000.

RILEY, Linda Rene. Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Disposition docket July 10. Bond $2,500.

SPARKS-SMITH, Sierra Dawn. Unlawful possession of controlled drug with intent to distribute; possess firearms after conviction or during probation; unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia. Sounding docket May 31. Bond $25,000.


COLE, Ashton Bailey. Possession of credit card belonging to another. Hearing May 27. Bond $1,500.

JONES, Bryon Tyler. Knowingly concealing stolen property (two counts); grand larceny. Hearing May 30. Bond $1,500.


COLE, Ashton Bailey. Assault with dangerous weapon; possess firearm during commission of felony; throw or drop object on motor vehicle. Hearing May 27. Bond $1,500.


GILMORE, Brittany Alyssa. Trafficking in illegal drugs; possession of controlled dangerous substance; unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia. Motion to dismiss May 17. Best interest of justice.


MEISSNER, Joshua Thomas. Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol; driving with license cancelled/suspended/revoked; transporting opened container of beer; failure to maintain insurance or security. Sentenced May 17. Five years suspended. Fined $1,250.

RHYNE, Terry G. Jr. Accessory to felony. Sentenced May 17. 10 years suspended. Fined $1,000.

DUI arrest

CAMPBELL, Ryan Colby. Operate vehicle under the influence of alcohol. County arrest.

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