New mayor ready to take reins

Myra Cookson shares her goals as new mayor of Fort Gibson. The Fort Gibson High School graduate has been on the Board of Trustees eight years.

New Fort Gibson Mayor Myra Cookson hopes to see more business  — and more revenue — come to town.

However, Cookson said she sees her job as no different from other town trustees.

“We all have the same job as trustees,” she said. “Our job is to take care of Fort Gibson, guide people in the right direction if there is something they need and make the town the best we can for the people living in it.”

After serving eight years on the Board of Trustees, Cookson was chosen as mayor at the last board meeting in April. She is a financial secretary at Fort Gibson Public Schools.

She said she has seen Fort Gibson grow over the past eight years. She said the town continues to extend its town limits.

“In Hickory Hills, across from the baseball field, there is a brand new house being built,” she said.

“Another addition south on Willey Street is not in the city limits, but who’s to say in the next few years,” she said. 

Cookson said she is excited about progress being made to upgrade Fort Gibson’s water system.

“I’m excited about the new water plant,” she said. “We already filed for the loan.”

The city is working to upgrade and expand the water treatment plant. Cookson said the plant could be completed by 2017.

“It will be really great for us to have more water and cleaner water,” she said.

The city also is working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help fund efforts to ease flooding along South Avenue, she said.

“We’re hoping they give us funds to resolve the issue,” she said. “I hate it for the residents who have been flooded.”

Economic development also is an important issue, she said.

“We need business downtown,” Cookson said, explaining how the city depends on sales tax revenue.

“We do need tax dollars, and we need to step it up,” she said.

Cookson graduated from Fort Gibson High School in 1983. She spent 10 years with the city, then 10 years at Whitlock Packaging. She has been with the school district for 11 years.

She said the small town feel is the best thing about Fort Gibson.

“We are small enough to be close to everything,” she said. “We have low crime. It’s just a nice place to live, a great place to raise kids.”

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Meet Myra Cookson

AGE: 49.

HOMETOWN: Fort Gibson.

CAREER: Financial secretary, Fort Gibson Public Schools.

EDUCATION: Fort Gibson High School, 1983.

FAMILY: Husband, Dee; one daughter and one son.

CHURCH: Southridge Baptist Church.

HOBBIES: Crochet, reading, camping.

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