The Pardon and Parole Board will meet at 9 a.m. July 15-17, at the Kate Barnard Correctional Center in Oklahoma City.

Victims or victims’ representatives may testify before the board. Video conferencing is used to conduct personal appearance hearings.

A victim or victim’s representative who wishes to appear at a hearing may notify the board.

Information: Pardon and Parole Board, 2915 N. Classen Blvd., Suite 405, Oklahoma City, OK 73106, or call (405) 521-6600.

Muskogee County

CANTRELL, Terry K. Jr. Second-degree burglary. 35 years, 25 suspended. Sentence began December 2016.

CLARK, Christopher L. Conspiracy to possess controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute. 25 years, 10 suspended. Sentence began March 2016.

COFFEY, Lance. Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Six months suspended. Sentence began March 1991.

GROOM, Sharlene R. Possession of controlled dangerous substance. 25 years, 15 suspended. Sentence began January 2017.

KENDRICK, Joshua L. Unlawful possession of controlled drug with intent to distribute. 20 years. Sentence began September 2011.

PAYNE III, Richard. Burglary of an automobile (two counts); knowingly concealing stolen property (two counts); second-degree burglary; attempt to utter a forged instrument; attempted manufacture of a controlled substance; attempted manufacture of a controlled dangerous substance (two counts); breaking an entering. 49.5 years. Sentence began September 1999.

PEARCE, Leon L. Conspiracy. 30 years, 20 suspended. Sentence began May 2017.

PERRY, Leon T. Second-degree burglary. 10 years, one year post imprisonment supervision. Sentence began May 2015.

ROBINSON, John M. Possession of a controlled dangerous substance; attempted delivery of a controlled dangerous substance. 15 years suspended. Sentence began July 2003.

THOMAS, Dustin C. Assault and battery with dangerous weapon. Sentence began June 2015. 25 years, 10 suspended, one year post imprisonment supervision. Sentence began June 2015.

WASSON, James J. Jr. Shooting with intent to kill. 90 years. Sentence began October 1996.

Cherokee County

LIMPY, Frank C. Second-degree burglary. 17 years. Sentence began May 2017.

McIntosh County

HART, Donald G. Possession of firearm after former felony conviction. 30 years. Sentence began October 2001.

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