Megan Kelley, the public relations coordinator for the Muskogee Oklahoma Native American Association, answers questions about the Indigenous Talking Circle scheduled for 6 p.m. today at Honor Heights Park:

Quick 5: Event to benefit Native American group

Megan Kelley

1. What is the Indigenous Talking Circle?

"The Indigenous Talking Circle is an event for our Native American people and those who express interest in Native culture to come together to express ideas and topics that are going on in the community and with our indigenous tribes. This is an opportunity to meet new people that can get in touch with Native American culture and concerns in Muskogee."

2. What is the Muskogee Oklahoma Native American Association?

"(MONAA) is a group that developed a resolution that was passed by the City of Muskogee to recognize Indigenous People's Day. This association allows Native Americans to make a connection from our tribes history, discrimination, and poverty that indigenous communities face every day. We are a intertribal association of diverse tribes that are from Muskogee and surrounding communities. We are a nonprofit association, and we are raising awareness for Indigenous Peoples Day. (MONAA) is also having fundraisers for appropriations for all of our events in October in lieu of our four-day celebration." 

3. What happens at this event?

"This event will take place at Honor Heights Park and is an open discussion for local Native American social issues in Muskogee and surrounding areas. Also, to hear about current concerns that are going on in our community. We are also looking to communicate with everyone who comes to attend to bring forth ideas about our celebration and to acquire new members for MONAA. We will start at 6 p.m. with refreshments, including hot dogs, chips pop, water, and we will have mediators for group discussions. In the evening of our event, we will also provide s'mores for children and parents to enjoy!" 

4. Is the event just for Native Americans?

"This event is open to everyone and those who expresses an interest in learning about our Native American culture." 

5. If I want to participate, what do I do?

"If you would like to participate, come to our talking circle event to learn about MONAA and help take part in history being made with our first annual Indigenous Peoples Day celebration in October." 

— Kenton Brooks

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