WHAT: Muskogee Board of Education special meeting.

WHEN: 5 p.m. Monday.

WHERE: Harris-Jobe Professional Development Center, 2809 N. Country Club Road.


• Take action on the employment of Stephen H. McDonald & Associates Inc. as financial consultant to the school district.

• Consider and take action on a resolution authorizing the calling and holding of a special election to be held in this school district to authorize the issuance of general obligation bonds.


BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of Education of Muskogee School District I-20 upon recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools to APPROVE Standing Resolutions A.- E. as listed:

A. Purchase Orders

19005320 Corley Chevrolet 35 $15,694 TOY Vehicle

19005321 Corley Chevrolet 35 $40,343 Supt. Vehicle

19005322 Midwest Bus Sales 35 $153,223 Activity Bus

19005323 Midwest Bus Sales 35 101,439 Special Ed Bus

B. Contracts — Lampstand $19,950 Bond Video. 

Solution Tree $11,598.08 Prof. Dev. ARJH

C. Budget — Building Fund, $211,205.11 Local Revenue

D. Change Order #4, Cavins Const., $39,380.30 Addl. Shoring of flooring - 10-18-19, new Completion Date

E. M.O.U. Muskogee $5,000 Ad Valorem Mis-Calculation Lawsuit


BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Education of Muskogee School District I-20 upon recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools to APPROVE personnel resolutions A. through H. as stated.

A. Temporary employment of certified staff for the 2019-2020 school year: Gary Gunckel, Social Studies Teacher, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, ,effective 08/12/2019; Glen Bibelheimer, Math Teacher, 7th & 8th Grade Academy effective 08/12/2019.


RESOLVED, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools to APPROVE the extra-duty of certified staff for the 2019-2020 school year: AVID TRAINING: Tarra Lloyd,Teacher, BFSA, $100 per day; Donna Pillars, Coordinator, ESC, $100 per day. Roy Jordan, Asst Wrestling, MHS, effective 08/12/2019; Roy Jordan, Asst. Fast Softball, MHS, effective 08/12/2019; Roy Jordan, Asst Slow Softball, MHS,effective 08/12/2019; John Hutchins , Head Baseball, Grounds Baseball, MHS, effective 08/12/2019; John Hammer, Head Volleyball, MHS, effective 08/12/2019; John Singlar, Asst Baseball, Asst 9th Football,MHS,effective 08/12/2019; Jason Cochran, Asst 8th Football, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Nigel Carter, Asst 8th Football, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Megan Bloom, Speed Instructor, Summer Pride, $20 per hour; Sharica Cole, MEA President, effective 07/01/2019; Robert Warren, 1st Asst Basketball (B), MHS, effective 08/12/2019; Sonjya Foster, Athletic Gate Worker, District, $20/hour; Clayton Blevin, Athletic Gate Worker, District, $20/hour; Rusty Bradley, Athletic Gate Worker, District, $20/hour; Ryan Dvork,  Athletic Gate Worker,District, $20/hour; Jeremy Ford, Athletic Gate Worker, District, $20/hour; Chris Girdner, Athletic Gate Worker, District, $20/hour; John Graham, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; John Hammer, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Trish Hill, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Angie Hillmon, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Brad Huddleston, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Johnny Hutchens,Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Dalton Jullian, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Jessica Laymon, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Rory Lynch, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Josh McMillan, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Chetan Munsell, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Melissa Odell, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Craig Perry, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Jack Reavis, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Jason Sexton, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Robert Warren, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Beth Wells, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Kodi Morrision, Assistant Softball FP/SP, 7th &8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Andrea Hurst, Assistant Softball FP/SP, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; TBA, Head Soccer Boys, MHS,effective 08/12/2019; TBA, Head Soccer Girls, MHS, effective 08/12/2019; Gary Gunckel, Asst. Softball FP, MHS, effective 08/12/2019.

C. Resignation of employment of certified staff for the 2019-2020 school year: Melanie Walkers, Algebra I Teacher,  MHS,effective 06/10/2019; Jason Campbell, Special Education Teacher, BFSA, effective 06/30/2019; Curt Denton, Science Teacher, MHS, effective 06/30/2019; Sally Denton, 4th Grade Teacher, Irving, effective 06/30/2019; Sarah Munzy, U.S. History Teacher, MHS, effective 06/30/2019; Suzane Orton, Teacher Trainer, Pershing/BFSA, effective 06/30/2019; Desirae Hood, Speech Language Pathologist ECC, effective 06/30/2019; Joshua Berry, Long Term Suspension 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 06/30/2019.

D. Termination of employment of certified staff for the 2019-2020 school year: Rachel Phillips, Music Teacher, Grant Foreman, effective 06/30/2019.

E. Non-acceptance of employment of certified staff for the 2019-2020 school year: Meghan Johnson, Math Teacher, MHS, effective 06/21/2019' Janet Lawrence, Science, MHS, effective 06/26/2019, Cassie Duncan, Special Education Soc Studies, MHS, effective 06/25/2019.

F. Employment of support staff for the 2019-2020 school year: Shelly Diles, Bus Driver, effective 08/12/2019; Donald Schornick, Shop-Hand,Transportation, effective 07/15/2019; Katelyn McPherren, Custodian, MHS, effective 08/12/2019; Ashley Barnett, CNS-4hr,MHS, effective 08/12/2019; Carolyn Cook, CNS, District, effective 08/12/2019; Anjoli Campbell, CNS, 6th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Melissa Sacks, CNS-4hr, 7th and 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019.

G. Resignation of employment of support staff for the 2019-2020 school year: Tomekia Buckhanan, Para-Professional, Creek, effective 05/23/2019; Vicki Conley, Bus Driver, Transportation, effective 06/13/2019.

H .Extra-duty of support staff for the 2019-2020 school year: Karen Bradley-Lay, Asst Swim, MHS, effective 08/12/2019; Katie Stout , Athletic Trainer, MHS, effective 08/12/2019;Daniel Mutai, Asst. X-Country, MHS, effective 08/12/2019; Bradey Tingel-Lay, Offseason, 8th Grade Aide Football, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Ron Venters, Summer Painter, District, $20 per hour; Tammy Northrup, Bus Driver, Summer-21st Century, $15 per hour; Philip Flanary, Athletic Gate Worker, $15/hour; Doug Fulkerson, Athletic Gate Worker, $15/hour; Mark Haile, Athletic Gate Worker, $15/hour; Thomas Price, Athletic Gate Worker, $15/hour; Hunter Watkin, Athletic Gate Worker, $15/hour; Monique Beech, Athletic Gate Worker,  $20/hour; Keaton Callins, Athletic Gate Worker,  $20/hour; Andrew Cocker, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Karen Felt, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Tami Gardenhire, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Brandi Glendenning, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Perry Hamilton, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; James Hill, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Jerome Jones, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Dawn Knupp, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Reid Little, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Kim Logsdon, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Anthony McNac, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Prentis McNac, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Kathy Rigney, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Nick Schornick, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Shelly Sinnett, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Kye Staley, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Nate Stanford, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Lana Stevenson, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Eric Scott Wells, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Ron Venters, Athletic Gate Worker, $20/hour; Keifer Arnold (Lay Coach), Video Coordinator Football, MHS, effective 08/12/2019; Catherine Weeden, Spirit Coordinator, MHS, effective 08/12/2019; Kristian Rowan (Lay Coach), Assistant Baseball Coach, MHS, effective 08/12/2019; Dan Hall, Assistant 8th Grade Football, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Mikeus Moore (Lay Coach), Assistant Track, MHS, effective 08/12/2019.

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