WHAT: Muskogee Board of Education Special Meeting.

WHEN: Noon Tuesday.

WHERE: Harris-Jobe Professional Development Center, 2809 N. Country Club Road.


• SUPERINTENDENT'S REPORT: Tulsa Regional Chamber.


A. Contracts: Teach for America, $20,000; Eduskills, $34,900;  Edmentum- 3 Contracts, $238,200, $10,710, $131,891.56; ERATE - CRW Consulting, $3,500.


BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Education of Muskogee School District I-20 upon recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools to ​APPROVE personnel resolutions ​ A.​ ​through​ ​ J. ​ as stated.


RESOLVED, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools to APPROVE the temporary employment of certified staff for the 2019-2020 school year: Aaron Sanders(*), Science, MHS, effective 08/12/2019; James Miller, Music, MHS, effective 08/12/2019; Tate Conrad(*), English, MHS, effective 08/12/2019; Kelly Kaulay, Special Education,MHS,effective 08/12/2019; Dakota Thompson,Counselor, MHS, effective 08/12/2019

Kevin Lord(*), Math, MHS, effective 08/12/2019; Denisa Howe(*), English, MHS, effective 08/12/2019; Robert Stevenson(*), Computer, MHS, effective 08/12/2019; Steven O'Dell, Math, 7th & 8th Grade Academy,effective 08/12/2019; Latresa Warrior (*),Science, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Jessica Lomangino, Kindergarten,The Springs, effective 08/12/2019; Jessica Van Voast, Music, Sadler, effective 08/12/2019; Lori Whiteday-Bark,4th Grade,Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Glen Wilhite, 5th Grade,Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Kathy Thompson(*), 2nd Grade, Creek, effective 08/12/2019; Stacy Miller, Instructional Coach, District, effective 08/12/2019; Angela Selby,Prof Development Spec, effective 08/08/2019.* Pending OKSDE Certification

B. Extra-duty of certified staff for the 2019-2020 school year: Chetan Munsell, Asst Soccer,Muskogee High School, effective 08/12/2019; Chetan Munsell,  Asst Wrestling, Muskogee High School,effective 08/12/2019; Jennifer Contreras, Head Volleyball (G), 7th & 8th Grade Academy,effective 08/12/2019; Angie Hillmon, Asst Basketball (G), Muskogee High School, effective 08/12/2019; Craig Perry, XC/Track Coordinator, Muskogee High School, effective 08/12/2019; Dalton Julian, Asst Track (B), Muskogee High School, effective 08/12/2019 ; John Braham, Head Track (B), Muskogee High School, effective 08/12/2019; Chris Girdner, 9th Grade Track (G), Muskogee High School, effective 08/12/2019; Gary Gunkell, Asst Softball - Slowpitch, Muskogee High School, effective 08/12/2019; Gary Gunkell, Asst 8th Basketball (G),7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Rachel Skelton, Asst Volleyball,7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Amanda McMillan, Soccer (G),  7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Josh McMillan, Asst Wrestling, Muskogee High School, effective 08/12/2019; Aaron Hobbs, Asst 8th Grade BB, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Chelsea Arnold, Asst Choir,Muskogee High School,effective 08/12/2019; Jeremy Ford, Game Manager, effective 08/12/2019; Kydell Billy, Game Manager, effective 08/12/2019; Kydell Billy, Asst Wrestling, 7th & 8th Grade Academy,effective 08/12/2019; Michael Harris, Game Manager,effective 08/12/2019; Ryan Dvorak, Asst Golf (G), 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Clayton Blevins, Game Manager, District, effective 08/12/2019; Julie Crank, Newspaper, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Julie Crank, Yearbook, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Morgan Belcher, Vocational, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Whitney Adair, Vocational, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Melissa Million, Instructional Leader, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Kelly Duck, Instructional Leader, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Miranda Currier, Instructional Leader, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Makenzie Casarez, instructional Leader, 7th & 8th Grade Academy,effective 08/12/2019; Matthew Catlett, Instructional Leader, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Tyler Cramer, Instructional Leader, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Diego Zavala, Vocational,  7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Diego Zavala, Head Robotics, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Rachel Skelton, Asst Academic Pursuit, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Jennifer Norwood, Oklahoma Honor Society, 7th & 8th Grade Academy,effective 08/12/2019; Jennifer Norwood, National Honor Society, 7th & 8th Grade Academy,effective 08/12/2019; Jennifer Norwood, Testing Coordinator, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Jennifer Norwood, Counselor Stipend, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Cindy Tollison, Testing Coordinator, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Cindy Tollison, Counselor Stipend, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Morgan Belcher, Asst Robotics, 7th & 8th Grade Academy,effective 08/12/2019; James Miller,1st Asst Band, MHS, effective 08/12/2019; Clarissa McJunkins, Co-Head Cheerleader, MHS, effective 08/12/2019; Andrew Herringshaw,Part Time EL Tutoring, Irving, $25 per hour; Janice Boatright,At Risk Stipend, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Jeanne Lewis, At Risk Stipend, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Beth Wells, At Risk Stipend, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Kathy Lee, At Risk Stipend,  Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Jametra Newton, At Risk Stipend, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Sharika Cole, At Risk Stipend, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Pamela Bunkley, At Risk Stipend, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Reubin McIntosh, At Risk Stipend, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Tambi Hess, At Risk Stipend, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Melody Cranford, At Risk Stipend, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Joyce McLemore, At Risk Stipend, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Filisha Church, At Risk Stipend, Cherokee,effective 08/12/2019; Julianna Grober, At Risk Stipend, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Gena Whitaker, At Risk Stipend, Cherokee,effective 08/12/2019; Tamara Kinsey, At Risk Stipend, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Jared Johnson, At Risk Stipend, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Melissa Brown, At Risk Stipend, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Kelli Chambers,At Risk Stipend, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Quiana Nicholson, At Risk Stipend, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Debbie Kirk,  At Risk Stipend, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Lori Whiteday-Bark, At Risk Stipend, Cherokee,  effective 08/12/2019; Julie Aich, At Risk Stipend, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Julie Aich, Gift/Talented, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Tammie Hendrickson, At Risk Stipend, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Glen Wilhite, At Risk Stipend, Cherokee,effective 08/12/2019; Gina Batie, At Risk Stipend, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Jared Johnson, Music Competitive, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Filisha Church, Student Council, Cherokee,effective 08/12/2019; Filisha Church, Gifted/Talented, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Melody Cranford, SAC, Cherokee,  $25 per hour; Joyce McLemore, Testing Coordinator,Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Joyce McLemore, Counselor Stipend, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Sharica Cole, Robotics, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Melody Cranford,Instructional Leader, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Brad Huddleston, Golf Coordinator, MHS, effective 08/12/2019; Reeva Mutch, Counselor Stipend, Whittier, effective 08/12/2019; Reeva Mutch, Test Coordinator, Whittier, effective 08/12/2019; Marchie McClain, Gifted/Talented, Whittier, effective 08/12/2019; Jessica Laymon, Robotics, Whittier, effective 08/12/2019; Nelita Cash, Student Council, Whittier, effective 08/12/2019; Kimberly Davison, Safety Patrol, Whittier, effective 08/12/2019; Kodi Morrison, Archery,Whittier, effective 08/12/2019; Amanda Barnes, Yearbook, Whittier, effective 08/12/2019; Klaire Starkey, Instructional Leader, Whittier, effective 08/12/2019; Cynthia Metzger, SAC, Whittier, $25 per hour; Stacy Pemberton, Gate Worker, Athletics, $20 per hour; Amy Scott, Gate Worker, Athletics, $20 per hour; Jacorie Maxwell, Gate Worker, Athletics, $20 per hour; Kelli Jones, Counselor Stipend, RAA, effective 08/12/2019; Kelli Jones, Testing Coordinator,RAA, effective 08/12/2019; Jim Shields, Asst Wrestling, MHS, effective 08/12/2019; Damon Beckers, Archery, 6th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Bill Tindel, Robotics, 6th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Karah Lehman, Yearbook, 6th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Karah Lehman, Student Council, 6th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Jennifer Kiser, Instructional Leader, 6th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Dana Lane, Music, 6th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Cayce Kirk, Speech Path, 6th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Lisa Lamont, Yearbook, Irving, effective 08/12/2019; Kim Lengerich, GT, Irving, effective 08/12/2019; Kristen Carlson, Safety Patrol, Irving, effective 08/12/2019; Kristen Carlson, SAC, Irving, $25 per hour; Shawna Shorb, Archery, Irving, effective 08/12/2019; Tammy Pierce,PD Prep, District, $100 per day; Sara Reyes, PD Prep, District,  $100 per day; Angela Satterfield, PD Prep, District, $100 per day; Judy Myers, PD Prep, District, $100 per day; Robert Stevenson, Head Tennis(B), MHS, effective 08/12/2019; Miranda Currier, Asst Tennis (G), MHS, effective 08/12/2019; Jason Cochran, Asst Tennis (B), MHS, effective 08/12/2019.

C. Resignation of employment of certified staff for the 2019-2020 school year: Laura Blevins-Bardin, Math Teacher, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 06/30/2019; Ashley Streber, Counselor, Creek/Grant Foreman, effective 06/30/2019; Staci Owens,2nd Grade, Creek Elementary, effective 06/30/2019; Kimberli Landers, Librarian, Pershing, effective 06/30/2019; Barbara Countz, Counselor, 6th Grade Academy,effective 06/30/2019; Traci Smith, 1st Grade, Pershing, effective 06/30/2019; Sarah McDaniel, Special Education, Pershing, effective 06/30/2019; Rusty Bradley, Head Tennis Boys, MHS, effective 07/29/2019.

D. Non-acceptance employment of certified staff for the 2019-2020 school year: Andrew Funderburk, English,  MHS, effective 07/28/2019; Peyton Alexander, Speech Language Path, District, effective 07/29/2019; Stephen Troy, Science,MHS, effective 07/29/2019.

E. Employment of support staff for the 2019-2020 school year: Angela Martin, Permanent Substitute, Pershing, effective 08/12/2019; Nancy St John, Permanent Substitute, Tony Goetz, effective 08/12/2019; Ashley Haney, Paraprofessional, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Katelyn McPherren, Custodian,MHS, effective 07/30/2019; Maria Mendez de Romero, ELL Tutor, Whittier, $15 per hour; Thelma Lightle, ELL Tutor, Irving/Travels, $15 per hour; Maricruz Yahuitl, ELL Tutor, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, $15 per hour; Dixie Shope, Permanent Substitute,MHS, effective 08/12/2019; Taylor Paden, Permanent Substitute, Whittier, effective 08/12/2019; Joseph Perry, Permanent Substitute, 6th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Cheyenne Fletcher, Indian Ed/Family Liaison, Pershing/ECC, effective 08/12/2019; Verbenia “Renee” Warren, Rougher's Kidz Quest Lead, Cherokee, effective 08/12/2019; Tomekia Buckhanan, Rougher's Kidz Quest Lead, Pershing, effective 08/12/2019; TBA, Rougher's Kidz Quest Lead, Whittier, effective 08/12/2019; Amanda Brown, Rougher's Kidz Quest Assist Whittier, effective 08/12/2019; Lawana Baucom, Rougher's Kidz Quest Assist Pershing,effective 08/12/2019; Kenisha Engram,  Rougher's Kidz Quest Assist Creek, effective 08/12/2019; Lindsey Mayes, Rougher's Kidz Quest Assist Tony Goetz, effective 08/12/2019; Makenzie Shinn, Office Assistant, Tony Goetz, effective 08/12/2019; Tony Collins - Lay Coach, Hd Tennis B/G, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019.      

F. Extra-duty of support staff for the 2019-2020 school year: Ron Mayes - Lay Coach, Head Track (B), 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Anthony McNac, Asst 8th Grade Basketball (B) 7th & 8th Grade Academy,effective 08/12/2019; Anthony McNac,Asst Track (B), 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Prentiss McNac, Asst 8th Grade Basketball (G) 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Ron Mayes - Lay Coach, Asst 8th Grade BB (B) 7th & 8th Grade Academy,effective 08/12/2019; Don Mayes - Lay Coach, Asst 8th Grade BB (B) 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Kye Staley, 4th Asst. Wrestling, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/12/2019; Kye Staley, Asst 9th Grade Track (B), Muskogee High School, effective 08/12/2019; Stephanie Mackey, Gate Worker,  Athletics, $20 per hour; Taylor Banks, Gate Worker, Athletics, $20 per hour; TJ Jordan, Gate Worker, Athletics, $20 per hour; Kamera Stancle-Lay, Asst. 9th Basketball, MHS, effective 08/07/2019.

G. Resignation of employment of support staff for the 2019-2020 school year: Laura Newton, Office Assistant, Tony Goetz, effective 07/22/2019; Soleda Moore, Para-Professional, Tony Goetz, effective 07/22/2019; Jermaine Davison, Permanent Substitute, MHS, effective 07/31/2019.

H. Non-acceptance employment of support staff for the 2019-2020 school year: Raven Ledford, CNS, 6th Grade Academy, effective 07/16/2019; 

I.FAMILY MEDICAL LEAVE ACT of support staff for the 2019-2020 school year; Stephen Blankenship, Custodian 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 07/29/2019 up to 12 weeks.

J. Employment of salary administration for the 2019-2020 school year: Latricia Dawkins,Assistant Principal,7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 08/07/2019; Lou Dawkins, Athletic Coordinator,District, effective 08/07/2019.

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