Couple's memory lives on through organ donation

Klint and Katie Impson pose in the snow with their two children, Karson, 11, and Kase, 7. The Fort Gibson family members were injured in a Sunday morning accident near in Seminole County.

Edmond resident Kody Impson said his brother, Klint Impson, was his "big-brother hero for a long time."

"I looked up to him and I loved learning from him," Kody Impson said. "He always looked out for me, even at our adult age, I always felt he was our big brother because of the things he did for me."

Klint Impson and Katie Gilmartin Impson, both of Fort Gibson, continue to look out for others as organ donors, Kody said. 

Members of the Fort Gibson Impson family — including their two children, Karson, 11, and Kase, 7 — were injured in a Sunday morning collision on Interstate 40. According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the Impson's Kia SUV was struck by a Jeep Liberty driven by Todd Cahill of Shawnee, who was driving east in a westbound lane. Two other vehicles were involved in the collision. Cahill was pronounced dead at the scene. 

The OHP report states the Impsons were pinned for 45 minutes before they were flown to OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City. 

The Impson's sister-in-law, Brandi Impson, said in a Facebook post that the family was heading for their daughter's soccer game in Oklahoma City when they were struck by a drunk driver. She said Klint and Katie were not able to recover from their injuries. Kase sustained a spinal injury among multiple other injuries.

Kody Impson said his brother and sister-in-law are organ donors.

"They have found matches for organs from both Katie and Klint," he said Thursday afternoon. "I want that to be known that they're going to be able to save other people's lives with their own."

Kody said his immediate family is devastated.

"We loved Katie and Klint. They were both such wonderful, wonderful people," he said. "You can tell from the stories that people put on social media that they touched so many people, and so many people loved them and loved being around them."

He said his family has received support "from all over."

"People we don't know. If there is a bright spot, that's it," he said. "People devoting time, thousands of people it seems praying for us, reaching out to us, letting us know that they're here for us and they're aching with us."

Impson said he couldn't put into words how gracious the family is to receive the donations. 

"We're a very close-knit family. Katie's family is a very close-knit family, the Gilmartin family," he said. 

Impson recalled texting his brother Saturday, the night before the collision.

"We believe my wife was texting Katie probably seconds before the crash," Kody Impson said.

He said the collision "was the result of a senseless, unfathomable act."

"We have to do something as a community to stop things like this from happening, because that one person chose to be drunk and to be high, it not only impacted two adults and two children, but many others," Kody said. "This has forever changed our lives."

He said he also appreciated people who pulled his niece and nephew from the car "and stood by them while they were working on my brother and sister-in-law."

"I want to thank the Oklahoma Highway Patrol for everything they did," he said. "They bent over backwards for us, and they don't get the praise they deserve sometimes."

Impson said Karson underwent surgery and is expected to recover. He said he is seeking the "best rehabilitation possible" for Kase.

"We're just going to have to take things day by day, to make sure Kase and Karson are really cared for and to know they are loved by so many people," Impson said. "My brother would have done anything for me, and I'm going to do anything I can for his family. There's many people with that same mindset."

Kody, who has a twin brother, said one of his fondest memories was when he helped Klint build a cabin in southeastern Oklahoma.

"Klint was the mastermind behind it all, and he self-taught himself to build a cabin and put electricity in it, plumb it and do all the things we needed," Kody said. "I just loved working side by side with him on that and being outdoors with him. He loved doing that stuff with his family and friends."

You can help

• A fundraising dinner for the Impson/Gilmartin families will be 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Thursday at Red Lobster, 225 W. Shawnee Bypass. A notice says 10 percent of every meal will be donated to the families.

• An account to help the Impson/Gilmartin families has been set up at Armstrong Bank in Fort Gibson. People may make donations to Impson Family Benefit, P.O. Box. 70, Fort Gibson, OK, 74434.

• A GoFundMe account has been established to help the Impson family at the following link:

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