Muskogee Board of Education — Agenda

WHAT: Muskogee Board of Education Special Meeting.

WHEN: Noon Monday.

WHERE: Education Service Center, 202 W. Broadway.


3. STANDING RESOLUTIONS — BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Education of Muskogee School District I-20 upon recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools to APPROVE Standing Resolutions A. thru C. as presented: 

A. Contracts — Collier Education Consulting, $30,000, Prof Dev; Okla Dept of Human Svc, $100,000, 3 Social Workers; School Based Services, $415 to $2,000, Rate for Psychological Services; School Work Study Schools, No cost, Student works pay.    

 B. Bids/RFP's— Manhattan CM, TG, Freshmen Academy; Bid #2006 MHS Sidewalk, $25,000, TJD Construction.         

C. Policies— Accept Indian Policies & Procedures for Impact Aid.

4. PERSONNEL — BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Education of Muskogee School District I-20 upon recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools to APPROVE personnel resolutions A. through H. as stated.

A. Temporary employment of certified staff for the 2020-2021 school year: Jeanne Lewis(1), 5th Grade Teacher, Cherokee, effective 8/3/2020; Amanda Andrews(0), Instructional Specialist, Cherokee/Sadler, effective 8/3/2020; Narcisa Hays Martinez(0),  4th Grade Teacher Sadler, effective 8/3/2020; Coquestia Dixon (0), Counselor, Tony Goetz, effective 8/3/2020; Lou Dawkins(1), Life Coach, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 8/3/2020; David Davidson(0) Math, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 8/3/2020; Rosa Denton(2), Reading Interventionist 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 8/3/2020; Michelle Green(2), Business/Vocational,* MHS, effective 8/3/2020; Joe Gordon(0), Life Coach, MHS, effective 8/3/2020, Bradley Eddy(0), Life Coach, MHS, effective 8/3/2020; Oscar Flores(0), Social Studies*, MHS, effective 8/3/2020; Jennifer Murray(0), Instructional Specialist, MHS, effective 8/3/2020; Donda Hogan(0), Reading Specialist, Pershing, effective 8/3/2020.

(#) Indicates Years Completed

(Car) Career Teacher

(Ret) Retired Teacher

* Pending OKSDE Certification

B. Resignation of certified staff employment for the 2020-2021 school year: Latisha Sides, 3rd Grade, Pershing, effective 6/30/2020; Tyler Cramer, Math, 7th & 8th Grade Academy, effective 6/30/2020.

C.Extra duty of certified staff for the 2020-2021 school year: Rene Vance, Speech Path Testing, District, effective 6/01/2020; Keaton Scott, Summer Pride Coach, MHS, effective 6/01/2020; Earl Cobb, Vocational Leader, MHS, effective 6/01/2020; Earl Cobb, Summer Tech, MHS, effective 6/01/2020; Beth Wells, Tech Support, District, effective 5/01/2020.

D. Temporary employment of support staff for the 2020-2021 school year: Nigel Carter, Behavioral Specialist, Creek, effective 8/03/2020; Maria Cruz, Speech Language Path, ECC/Irving, effective 8/03/2020; Nhung Dang, RKQ Assistant, ECC, effective 8/03/2020; Dayli Satterfield, Summer, ESC (as needed), effective 6/15/2020; John Hutchens, ISS Monitor, 7th & 8th Grade Academy effective 8/03/2020; Karen Felts, Finance Secretary, Tony Goetz, effective 7/01/2020; Jennifer Glover, RKQ Assistant, Tony Goetz, effective 8/03/2020; D'Amber Bunch, Athletic Director Secretary, MHS, effective 7/01/2020; Tammi Spencer, Bus Monitor, Transportation, effective 08/06/2020 8/03/2020; Toni Mendoza, CNS, MHS, effective 08/06/2020 8/03/2020; Shelly Downs, Attendance Secretary, MHS, effective 08/06/2020 8/03/2020.

E. RESOLVED, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools to APPROVE the resignation of support staff employment for the 2020-2021 school year: Karen Felts, Athletic Director Secretary, MHS, effective 6/30/2020; Cullen Lambird-Boots, Permanent Substitute, MHS, effective 6/30/2020.

F. Extra duty of support staff for the 2020-2021 school year: Oscar Flores, Summer Pride Coach, MHS, $15/hr; Rebecca Mitchell, CNS Seamless Smr Opt Manager, MHS,$20/hr; Kathryn Jones,CNS Seamless Smr Opt Assoc, MHS/Pershing, $15/hr; Angela Hollifield, CNS Seamless Smr Opt Assoc, MHS/Pershing, $15/hr; Stephanie Lane,CNS Seamless Smr Opt Assoc, MHS/Pershing, $15/hr; Judy Thompson, CNS Seamless Smr Opt Assoc, MHS/Pershing, $15/hr; Megan Garcia, CNS Seamless Smr Opt Assoc, MHS/Pershing, $15/hr; Betty Lacey, CNS Summer Bus Driver, District, $15/hr; Carmen McKinney, CNS Summer Bus Driver, District, $15/hr; Mark Walters, CNS Summer Bus Driver, District, $15/hr Nick Hampton, CNS Summer Bus Driver, District, $15/hr; Penny Bado, CNS Summer Bus Driver, District, $15/hr; Tabatha McReynolds, CNS Summer Bus Driver, District, $15/hr; Kevin Jones, CNS Summer Bus Driver, District, $15/hr; Thomas Yadon, CNS Summer Bus Driver, District, $15/hr.; Thomas Yadon, Band Summer Bus Driver, District, $15/hr.  

G. Employment of administration staff employment for the 2020-2021 school year: Josh Regnier, House Principal, MHS, effective 7/01/2020; Latricia Dawkins, House Principal, MHS, effective 7/01/2020; Lynwood Wade, Dean, MHS, effective 7/01/2020; Robert Pittman,  Dean, MHS, effective 7/01/2020; Gary Gunkel, Dean, MHS, effective 7/01/2020.

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