A Halloween costume reportedly worn by an Okay Elementary School staff member raised the ire of a university student.

Virginia Weisar, who identifies herself as a Hispanic university student, sent various media outlets an email expressing concern about Okay staff member Jennifer Simpson wearing a box wrapped in red paper resembling bricks. The costume had a sign “Trump build that wall.”

Hispanics and civil rights groups have taken offense at President Donald Trump’s proposal to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico.

Weisar posted a picture of Simpson from Okay’s school website, as well as a screenshot of Simpson wearing the costume along with others dressed as President Trump and other characters for Halloween.

The post said “imagine a Hispanic student at Okay Elementary getting excited about Halloween, and then coming to school to see this.”

Okay Elementary Principal Mike Lasater said the situation was a personnel issue that had been taken care of.

“On Thursday morning it was brought to my attention that a costume that represented a political opinion was being worn in the building,” Lasater said. “Notification was sent out that we are not going to bring personal politics into school. The political costumes were immediately removed, and the situation was corrected.” 

Weisar said anyone involved with the costume should be fired. 

“There should be a ZERO tolerance policy regarding traumatizing your students,” Weisar said. 

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