Swon Brothers honor their mom with a song

Tammy Swon embraces her sons, Colton Swon, left, and Zach Swon. The Swon Brothers pay musical tribute to their mother, and all mothers in their single "Mommas."

Tammy Swon says she tries to talk to her sons, Zach and Colton, "just about every day." 

"If not, every other day," she says. "They'll either call me or they'll call me and their dad, or I'll call them a lot."

One recent call prompted her boys, the Swon Brothers country duo, to write "Mommas," a musical tribute to mothers.

"We were in our studio writing a song and our mom called to check in with us, to warn us about the weather or something like that," Zach Swon said. "When the conversation was over one of us said, 'thank God for Mommas,' and that gave us the idea for this song. We immediately put the other song aside and started writing 'Mommas.'"

Zach said the song was pretty easy to write, "because we have so many great things to say about our mom."

"It just took a while to get through the process, because were trying not to cry in front of each other," he said. "So we had to keep pausing."

Colton Swon said it was hard to record the vocals because the song meant so much to them.

A repeating stanza says "we don't call 'em enough, love 'em enough. But we'd all be lost without them."

Tammy Swon said she first heard the song when they sent a demo recording to their dad. The brothers then made a video call to her on FaceTime.

"When they FaceTimed me, they wanted to see me react," she said. "They really surprised me with it. We all cried."

She said she takes parts of the song personally.

"I knew they wrote it for me, so I am grateful and honored they would write one for me," she said. 

Tammy Swon said the part of the song hit her the most was "no matter how old we get, we'll always be her babies."

She said that's what she always told her boys.

"I always told them, when I lost my mom and their dad lost his mom, that if we could only get back one day ... " she said. "You better love them when you got them. "

That comment, "love 'em while you got 'em," also made it into the song.

Photos of Tammy Swon and her boys pop appear in the song's video.

"They got pictures from all over, photos of people and their moms," Tammy said. "So, it's for all other moms, to honor your moms."

Colton said "Mommas" indeed is a tribute "to moms everywhere."

"So stream it and go call your mom and tell her how much she is loved and appreciated, not only on Mother's Day, but all year long," he said.

He said he and Zach call their parents about as much as their parents call them.

"We are a close family, and we talk to both of our parents on a regular basis," he said.

Zach said, "But we could always talk more."

Colton said he plans to place a FaceTime call to his mom for Mother's Day.

For Tammy, the timing seems right.

"Before they ever went to Nashville, they wrote a song for their dad, and I always teased them and said hey, its time to write one for me," she said. "And now I got one." 

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