Turner sentenced for Speedway Grille collision


A Muskogee woman was sentenced to 12 years in prison Tuesday for slamming the car she was driving into the corner of Speedway Grille in December while fleeing from police.

Opal Leann Turner, 34, pleaded guilty Tuesday to possession of drug paraphernalia, eluding or attempting to elude police, possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute, driving with a canceled license, and three counts of acts resulting in gross injury. Turner also pleaded guilty to separate charges of conspiracy to distribute a controlled dangerous substance and unlawful use of communication facilities.

In total, Turner was sentenced to five 25-year sentences in prison and five one-year sentences in county jail, all of which run concurrent. All but the first 12 years of each of the 25-year sentences will be suspended. Turner also was fined $2,500.

Turner was initially arrested in December after she ran her car into the corner of Speedway Grille on Okmulgee Avenue, shearing away the corner of the restaurant and destroying the front of the adjoining, vacant building as well as damaging a nearby home. 

Turner was fleeing from police when she was arrested, said former Muskogee Police Department Public Information Officer Lincoln Anderson in December.

"Turner was parked behind a building on East Side Boulevard when she was approached by a Muskogee police officer," Anderson said. "Turner fled the parking lot and sped down Okmulgee, running a police road block, and eventually losing control near the restaurant."

An affidavit filed with the case noted that a search of her possessions produced several pieces of drug paraphernalia, as well as two syringes, one of which contained “a clear liquid.” The pursuing officer also found a small jar of crystal methamphetamine.

Speedway Grille closed Dec. 11 after a woman fleeing police crashed her car through a corner…

The incident closed Speedway Grille down from December to February as the store reconstructed its destroyed corner. Even now, the damage is obvious while driving by: the damaged part of the building remains boarded up. 

Owner Mike Withrow said in a prior Phoenix story that community support kept his staff going through the cleanup effort.

"Over 100 people visited me the day of the wreck," Withrow said. "I can’t tell you how many people told me that they could fix that building no problem."

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