Veterinarians in Muskogee say because of COVID-19 they are being cautious when someone shows up with his or her pet.

"We're doing a curbside service when they arrive with their pets," said Erin McCawley, the hospital manager at Animal Medical Center, 2300 W. Peak Blvd. "We go out to the patient in the car, treat them for whatever. We're limiting to essential services."

Jami Skimbo, the practice manager at Northside Veterinary Clinic, 2320 N. Main St., said they "are not letting the public in the front door, and we've shut our lobby."

"We're allowing drop-offs, or we're doing services at the door such as giving shots. We're not doing that inside the building."

Skimbo said animals (pets) do not transmit the virus.

"No, they don't, but we look at the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control," she said. "Most of the time, it's through air droplets, and that's why we have that 6-foot personal space. Air droplets usually travel three to four feet, and the maximum of six feet before falling to the floor."

The Animal Medical Center has applied protocols that include picking up prescriptions and making payments for service.

"People can call us and tell us they're here," McCawley said. "We don't want to let anybody in the clinic to decrease the possibility of spreading the disease. We're restricting access to the building."

McCawley said the Peak Boulevard office is following the guidelines set by the Oklahoma State University Veterinary Hospital in Stillwater.

"We're taking our cue from them," she said. "We refer to them for a lot of emergencies or out of general practice cases. They sent out an email how to handle things."

Skimbo said the number of visitors to the North Main Street location hasn't changed dramatically.

"We've seen a decrease in boarding, because a lot of people are staying at home with their pets," she said.

The clinic will remain open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday while Wednesday will be for certain appointments and handing out medications.

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