Weatherford: Is pestilence a message from God?

It has been five months since this COVID-19 has begun and no one has asked me if I think this could be a sign that we are nearing the end of our world as we know it. And I have been surprised that no one has asked this question, but if I had been asked, I could not have answered them yes or no. Every day this question has been on my mind, in my silent prayer and in my nightly study prayer. Lord, is this COVID-19 a forerunner of one of the signs that we are going to see in the last days before the end of time and our world?

The Holy Ghost took my mind to Matthew 24:7-8. Verse eight says "these are the beginning of sorrow," Then, he took my mind to St. Luke 21:11, which gives us the same prophecy and definition as Matthew 24:7-8. Now, it is established in the mouths of three witnesses. (Matthew, Luke and whoever reads this commentary.)

Now let us look at this word "pestilence" and its meaning. I got my Webster's Dictionary and looked up the meaning of pestilence: ad deadly disease that spreads rapidly from person to person. The World Dictionary: any disease that spreads rapidly causing many deaths, such as small pox, yellow fever, bubonic plague and Spanish Flu.

The Spanish Flu that broke out in Fort Riley, Kansas, in 1918 traced back to a soldier that came down sick, and a few days later, 100 soldiers became sick; and from Fort Riley, the soldiers were went to Europe and they took the flu germ with them, and over 1 million Americans died before they found a medical serum.

Now, let us return to Matthew 24:7-8 and to the word "pestilence." When I read the word "pestilence," something got my attention and I believed that I had seen that word back in the Old Testament. I found the word in Exodus 5:3. Israel had been in Egypt over 400 years and had become over 600,000 strong plus women and children.

It was time for Israel to be introduced as a new nation into our world. Then, the Lord said unto Moses, "go in unto Pharaoh and tell him 'thus saith the Lord God of the Hebrew; Let my people go or I will kill (Exodus 9:2-6) and the Lord did that thing on the morrow, and all the cattle of Egypt died. But of the cattle of the children of Israel, not one died.'" History says Anthrax is thought to have originated in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Anthrax may have caused what was known as the fifth plague that killed horses, cattle, sheep, camel and oxen. Ancient Greece and Rome were also well-acquainted with Anthrax.

Numbers 14:11-12. The spies had been sent over the spy out the land on the other side of Jordan, and the 38 men out of 40 came back saying, "We are as locust in their sight; Verse 11 and Verses 12-13, God told Moses, "I will smite the unbeliever with pestilence (verse 13, Moses stood in the gap) of the judgment of the pestilence from destroying them. The next time we see the word pestilence is in 2 Samuel 24:13-15. 2 Samuel 24:2 from Dan to Beersheba verse 3, David delighted in numbering his people who were able to fight. Joab returned and gave David the number. Read 2 Samuel 24:9, 800,000 valiant men in Israel, in Judah, 500,000 and David's heart smote him.

God asked Gad the prophet to go to David and see which pestilence of the three would he choose. Read (2 Samuel 24:9-15). Verse 15: The Lord sent a pestilence upon Israel from Dan to Beersheba, 70,000 men died, another mistake David had made. Joab in 2 Samuel 24:3, sometime an old sinner man like Joab has more faith in David's God than David did. For Joab remembered God's promise to David that he would give him the victory over all his enemy without numbers. 

I will stop here for now, because the subject is just too lengthy. Be sure to keep this commentary, we may refer back to it in an upcoming issue.

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