A day after Gov. Kevin Stitt’s new Executive Order pertaining to restaurants and bars went into effect, Logies On The Corner located at Campus Corner in Norman saw a long line stretching down the block.

In previous years, Bedlam Eve saw students and alumni from the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University come together in the same town for a weekend of rivalry and celebration. This year — even in the middle of a pandemic — nothing has changed.

In a video posted on Twitter by “ICYMI News OK” people stood in a lengthy line waiting to get inside the popular bar.

Stitt’s Executive Order says that “all restaurants will be required to space tables at least 6 feet apart, unless tables, booths and bar areas are separated by sanitized dividers.”

In Norman, Mayor Breea Clark also has implemented regulations on bars in addition to a mask mandate within the city.

“Bars and the bar areas within restaurants should limit the capacity for patrons to the number of seats available, which shall be arranged to promote social distancing between groups of patrons,” the city ordinance says. “Standing-room-only areas, not including the entryway, shall be closed to patrons.”

In a tweet, Mayor Clark said that she was aware of the situation and had contacted the chief of the Norman Police Department.

“The city has a mask mandate in place, and our officers are out patrolling to stop these large super spreader events when we see them,” Clark said in a statement. “I cannot mandate common sense and a belief in science. If I could, I would. People are dying. If there was ever a time for the Oklahoma standard, it’s now.”

NPD spokesperson Sarah Jensen said the department responded to a call saying people weren't practicing social distancing on Campus Corner.

"We responded and the crowd dispersed," Jensen said. "We will continue to monitor Campus Corner with the Fire Marshalls throughout the evening."

On Friday Oklahoma reported 2,921 new COVID-19 cases, 73 of which were in Norman. In addition the state reported the most ever COVID-19 related hospitalizations at 1,505 with 450 of those being in the ICU (also the most ever).

Logies did not immediately respond to The Transcript’s request for comment.

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