From the very moment that Sen. Ballenger, Rep. Harrison and I discovered the Oklahoma Department of Tourism’s plan to close the Fountainhead Golf Course we have been working around the clock to keep it open.

We realized it would be an uphill battle due to our budget being decimated by recent “tax cuts” resulting in more than $1 billion loss in available revenue.

We have just completed our second community meeting with the Oklahoma Tourism Department concerning the impending closing of the Fountainhead Golf Course. While the director, Hardy Watkins, has indicated that there are possible solutions such as a transfer of this holding to the Creek Nation, they are tentative at best.

There has been evidence of miscommunication and oversight by the Tourism Department during this process, I am confident that they would like to find a win-win solution for the Department and the communities of Checotah and Eufaula.

The hearings have demonstrated that the Course which had one been the best in the state has fallen in disrepair resulting in a gradual loss of revenue from rounds played.

The purpose of this release is to encourage action by those that express concern about the loss of this course.

Specifically, I have supplied the Mayors of Eufaula and Checotah with a list of contact people who may have an influence on forestalling the closing of the course.

The Tourism Commission has a meeting scheduled for March 26 to again consider the closing of Fountainhead.

If you are interested in expressing your interests in maintaining the course, I stated at the last meeting that people affected by this must become active and contact those that will have an influence not only on the Tourism Commission but also on the possible funding for the time of transition. If nothing is done by those directly affected, I will be shocked if we will still have Fountainhead Golf Course six months from now.

Here are the contact information sources.

Checotah Mayor Marvin Nichols 918-473-5411

Eufaula Mayor Dean Smith 918-689-2532

Rep. Ed Cannaday 800-522-8502, ext. 375

Rep. Terry Harrison 800-522-8502, ext. 376

Sen. Roger Ballenger 405-521-5588

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