Holly Rosser Miller: Riotous indignation

Holly Rosser Miller

I had really hoped to never broach this subject in my column again. That we could talk about other things for once. 

I could, perhaps, lament the swift passage of time as my one and only child enters her junior year of high school. I could take my allotted 483 words to brag about how she auditioned on her oboe and won a seat in the Tulsa Youth Symphony a few weeks ago or how she’s such a great kid despite having me for a mother.

But no. Like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, I am talking about COVID-19 — again.

To the 39.3% of my fellow Oklahomans who went out and got all your shots, go grab a donut. You earned it.

To those out there who are eligible but have decided to sit this one out— Delta is coming for you. She’s out there ready to party. Since our community is basically wide open — and most have ditched their masks — the vaccine-hesitant are especially vulnerable to her rapid-fire transmission. Not so fun fact: Hospitals in Missouri are already running out of ventilators. Y’all—Missouri is next door.

I don’t know about you, but I would really like a normal school year for my kid. I would like to not have another family member die. And I would never like to admit in writing that I actually agree with Donald Trump about anything, but when it is this important, I will. 

Here goes: Friends — the former president received both of his doses and has encouraged citizens on more than one occasion to get vaccinated. Don’t believe me? Google “Did Trump get vaccinated” and read for yourself.

Have you heard that the vaccine does something weird or is harmful? You can Google “Myths about Covid Vaccine” and the first hit will be an excellent piece on Johns Hopkins Medicine’s page (a real legit medical school and hospital— perhaps you’ve heard of it) listing some common myths and explanations of the truth.

Very few of us are scientists or even know what in the world we are talking about when it comes to medicine. But do you know a licensed doctor? Ask questions. Can you read? Go to www.johnshopkinsmedicine.org or www.cdc.gov and take a deep dive into articles there on vaccine-hesitancy, COVID variants, vaccine ingredients, and frequently asked questions.

Our infection numbers in Oklahoma are on the rise right now — though most of our state officials won’t discuss it publicly. If you haven’t yet protected yourself or your age-eligible kids, Delta is looking for you, and she is way more contagious than her sister Alpha. 

She is seeking more hosts to replicate and spread, and she is finding them in abundance here. If we don’t each do our part, we’ll all know way more Greek letters than we ever wanted to by the time Corona is done with us.

For the love of the Alpha and Omega — Get. Vaccinated.

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