Holly Rosser Miller

Holly Rosser Miller

2019 – in 10 days, she will be gone and we will roar right into the '20s. I already sort of have a flapper bob haircut, so I feel like I am ready to face this new decade with flair.

As I reflect back on these last 12 months, as always I’m struck by how swiftly they went by. This year was particularly wonderful in so many ways, but at the same time I also navigated some real disappointments. I can’t predict how this last week and a half will go, but barring something extreme, I believe the good will have outweighed the discouragement in ‘19.

In January, I wrote about some of my resolutions, and two of the three boxes actually got checked this year! They were 1) try something new and 2) cultivate friendships/create new friendships. Thanks to Muskogee Little Theatre, I tried something totally outside my expertise (attempting to sing and dance in tandem before a willing audience) and added some new real-life friends to my roster. My only disappointment was that I never got to show off my “jazz hands” while on stage in Mamma Mia. Maybe next time!

The third box? Well, I’m still working on that. It was to love people better and not hold a grudge. Ugh. In my defense, that’s really hard because sometimes people are just the worst!

But in my more self-aware moments, I remember that I am, too. Since it’s Christmas, I’m going to be kinder to myself and acknowledge that resolution can take a whole lifetime of work. Better add it to my 2020 list.

Another positive in 2019 is that I accomplished a goal I never really thought was possible in my professional life. If it never happens again, I’ll be fine — but now I know that I CAN and that’s the best commission a girl can get.

Another bright spot of 2019 is all of you, readers. When I was asked to write this column back in early 2018, they told me I could write about whatever I wanted. Yikes! Some weeks it’s easy, other weeks not so much. Sometimes I feel comfortable expressing my opinion about the news of the now; other times I go in another direction entirely. Every time though, the process is cathartic and it has given me the chance to connect with so many people who remind me that while we might not agree on all things, we certainly have much in common. Thank you for reading, and to those who have reached out to me, your kind words have bolstered me in ways you will never know.

As we wrap up 2019, my prayer for our community is that we remember how we are all inextricably bound together. When something good happens to you, that is good for me. May our fear of scarcity never choke out our spirit of generosity.

Happy Holidays and a brilliant New Year to you all!

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