During a Project Safe Neighborhood community meeting Muskogee Police Officer Mike Gaghins, Lt. Faye Banks and Rev. Andrea Jones listen as Muskogee Police Chief Rex Eskridge points out the role drug addiction has played in recent homicides.

It’s time for the Rev. Aundrea Jones to quietly step aside from his leadership roles in the community.

He may have to soon, because he may get a long prison sentence, as many as 13 years.

Jones, 46, pleaded guilty Tuesday to obtaining property by false pretense and unlawfully disposing of mortgaged property.

The pastor of Old Agency Baptist Church who has been active in running after-school and summer programs for youths, Jones also served two years in a federal prison for using false information in applying for federal funds. Besides that, he is under investigation for financial irregularities in another grant involving a recent federal program, and he admitted breaking out the headlight of the car in an altercation with a man.

We don’t expect our leaders to be perfect, but we expect more of them than the list of troubles that Jones has behind his name, which we might add, Jones has never been completely apologetic for. He has often blamed his troubles on someone else.

Many of Jones’ followers will defend him. They have in the past. And we respect Jones’ desire to make Muskogee a better place. He and his church are involved in a project to bring affordable housing to their neighborhood.

But at some point, you should be able to expect more than just desire of a community leader.

His behavior has been disappointing and embarrassing.

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