Heartbreaking. What we witnessed last week at the United States Capitol was heartbreaking. 

The destruction, the damage and the deaths should be enough to stop Americans in their tracks. Is this what we want to become? 

Our capitol has not been attacked like this since 1814 when the British invaded Washington, D.C., during the War of 1812. It remains the only time since the American Revolutionary War that a foreign power has captured and occupied the capital of the United States.

It's one thing to be invaded by another country. But for the president of the United States to encourage terrorism in our capitol is reprehensible.

The images of malcontents climbing the walls, breaking windows and storming the building will never be forgotten. And what purpose did it serve? What would have happened if our elected officials had not been whisked away to safety? 

We've known since the final ballots were counted that Donald Trump lost the election. Trump, in his mind, didn't lose. And, he has convinced his band of followers that he won the election, but it was stolen. There was no proof that the election was stolen. Joe Biden was the clear winner and will be President of the United States come Jan. 20. 

Now, our country will have to try to recover from all of the embarrassment Trump has brought to the United States — the seat of American democracy. 

The first step is to arrest, try and punish those who attacked our capitol or who had a part in it.

We will pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, hold our heads high and know that this chapter of history will be over soon. Democracy will prevail. It's what our forefathers fought for and what we will stand for in a world sometimes gone mad.

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