Anyone who has been directly impacted by recent flooding may be overwhelmed by their emotions. 

Fort Gibson's town council will be offering critical incident debriefings for flood victims in and around Fort Gibson, according to a release from Dr. Henry Petree.

Police, fire and paramedics are probably familiar with the debriefing process. Debriefing usually takes place following an event that is traumatic for emergency personnel, such as the death of a child or the deaths of people who die in fires.

Emergency personnel are not made of stone. They grieve over losses in their work just as they would if it were a family member. The debriefing process is set up so that people who experience traumatic events can get together and find ways to deal with the stress that goes along with the trauma.

The debriefing is for people directly or indirectly affected by the flood waters to deal with emotional stress. 

The Fort Gibson Church of Christ has offered use of their building for upcoming sessions, which are free.

Petree has conducted debriefings following the Interstate 40 bridge collapse, the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City and several other major disasters.

If you or anyone you know has been affected by recent flooding, these sessions will be a good way to help overcome the stress. Hats off to Petree for his assistance.

What to do

If you are interested in the Critical Incident Debriefing sessions, contact:

Fort Gibson City Hall – (918) 478-3551.

Fort Gibson Church of Christ – (918) 478-2222.

Dr. Henry Petree – Call or text (918) 816-1507.

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