Not all Muskogee youth are spending their summer in front of a screen or electronic device. About 75 students spent part of their summer doing good things to help Muskogee residents who need a little help, and we’re grateful for the church leaders who help direct youth to help others.

About 75 church youth and 25 adults performed exterior chores July 9-10 for the residents at four Muskogee homes, said Evan Risinger, youth pastor at New Community Church. 

Youth groups from First Baptist Church, New Community Church and Boulevard Christian Church spent time performing chores to help residents at four Muskogee homes.

"It's really nice to serve the community and show people the love of God," said Paige Gallaway, a Muskogee High School graduate. "We're showing it by painting their house for free — it's for people who can't afford to paint their house."

Not only did they paint houses, they helped out with some minor repairs, did some landscaping and removed some brush.

As much as the residents enjoyed the youths efforts, the youth enjoyed helping out.

Risinger said Mission Muskogee's mission statement is "students loving Muskogee by serving Muskogee."

"The whole goal of what we do is to help engage students in loving the community that they live in," he said. "A lot of times, when it comes to different churches' mission trips, they want to go to different cities, different states or different countries. We want to focus on helping teenagers from the Muskogee area who want to pour back into the Muskogee area, take pride in where they live."

We are so happy that these youth are learning to support their city and help those in need.

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