More than 940 children have died in hot cars nationwide since 1990, according to, and we want to remind people to be sure and keep children, pets and the elderly safe by not leaving them in a hot vehicle. 

Every year when the weather begins heating up, it happens. People forget their child in a car. People go in a store to shop and leave their pets in the car, just for a minute, they say. And, the elderly may tell you they will be fine waiting in the car for you. But when summer arrives in Oklahoma (and it doesn’t officially start until June 21), the heat and humidity can be brutal. describes the Greenhouse Effect in Vehicles:

• The inside of a vehicle heats up VERY quickly! Even with the windows cracked, the temperature inside a car can reach 125 degrees in minutes.

• 80% of the increase in temperature happens in the first 10 minutes.

• Cracking the windows does not help slow the heating process OR decrease the maximum temperature.

• Children have died from heatstroke in cars in temps as low as 60 degrees.

Additional tips

• If a child goes missing, immediately check the inside passenger compartments and trunks of all vehicles in the area very carefully, even if they are locked. A child may lock the car doors after entering a vehicle on their own, but may not be able to unlock them.

• If you see a child alone in a vehicle, get involved. Call 911 immediately. If the child seems hot or sick, get them out of the vehicle as quickly as possible.

• Be especially careful during busy times, schedule changes and periods of crisis or holidays. This is when many tragedies occur.

• Use drive-thru services when available (restaurant, bank, pharmacy, dry cleaner) and pay for gas at the pump.

It only takes minutes for tragedy to strike. Do whatever you have to do to keep your children, pets and the elderly safe. 

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