Jack O’Ryan had one wish before he dies. He wanted to bring his wife to Muskogee to introduce her to his family for the first time and visit an area that provided him with the happiest of memories from his childhood. He was able to make the trip, thanks to the Dream Foundation, an organization devoted to giving terminally ill adults a final “dream.”

O’Ryan, 63, who lives in California, says he has been diagnosed with bladder cancer and given less than a year to live. He was put on hospice, and that’s where a  hospice nurse told him about the Dream Foundation.

The Dream Foundation paid the airfare and lodging, as well as a $250 stipend. O’Ryan said he wanted his wife to see where he grew up and meet his family.

He brought his wife, Michellene O’Ryan, to Muskogee to meet relatives over the weekend and to see the place where he said he “was allowed to be a boy.”

His memories flooded back as he walked around Brushy Mountain Cemetery, where he intends his ashes to be scattered when he dies.

What a great gift from the Dream Foundation. Through donations, the Foundation helps people fulfill their last wishes, and for some, their greatest dreams. 

If you want to find out just how much O’Ryan enjoyed his trip, check out his Facebook page: Jack O’Ryan’s Going Home Journal. And if you want to help someone else experience their final “dream,” reach out to the Dream Foundation.

Learn more

Go to dreamfoundation.org for more information about how to request a dream be fulfilled, or read about the different ways to donate.

The Dream Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Gifts are tax-deductible.

ADDRESS: 1528 Chapala St., Suite 304, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 

Phone: 888-4DREAMS (888-437-3267)

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