THUMBS UP to to Muskogee County Assessor Ron Dean, Treasurer Robyn Boswell and their offices for seeing to it that property owners would be receiving ad valorem tax statements arriving by the statutory deadline this year.

One of the issues in the past was getting school districts to turn in their budgets on time. But Dean and Boswell took a proactive approach by meeting with several school superintendents at districts across the county to discuss the county’s budgeting process. Boswell said she made trips to pick up and deliver documents from some districts after school board members approved them to hasten the process. 

“I feel like it’s one of those things where everyone wanted the tax statements to go out earlier, but it just took us having the mindset that we’re going to find a way to make sure they do,” Boswell said.

We just want to say thanks for making that happen.

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THUMBS UP to everyone who voted in the Presidential election.

Oklahomans braved long lines, and in some cases, cold, wet weather to cast their ballots. Voters also set a record for mail-in ballots and in-person early voting. A record-setting 1.56 million people in our state wanted to make sure their voices were heard.

Paul Ziriax, secretary of the State Election Board, was pleased with the number of voters and how the process worked.

“Considering this was a Presidential General Election conducted during a pandemic, one week after a major ice storm, with a record level of voter participation, it went fairly smoothly,” he said. 

COVID-19 caused many voters to mail their ballots or take part in in-person early voting. 

For all of the obstacles that could have contributed to low numbers at the polls, Oklahomans stepped up and made their voices heard. This is the way every election should be. People should be concerned about this country, and voting is the best way to voice your opinion.

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