THUMBS UP to Muskogee and Hilldale public schools for allowing students to have snow days.

Making the decision to forego virtual learning was the right thing to do. Had rolling blackouts taken place in Muskogee, neither students nor teachers would be able to do school work without encountering major issues. And, there's no way to know where a blackout might occur or when. 

Students (and parents) thought the days of snow days were over when the use of virtual learning came along. Who knew a power grid problem would come up in Oklahoma? That's a problem that usually happens in New York or California. It's a new problem, and with a new problem come new solutions.

Kids, enjoy your snow days while you can. You never know when technology will catch up to Mother Nature.

. . .

THUMBS UP to City of Muskogee employees who work on our streets and other infrastructure during the frigid weather we've been experiencing. 

When pipes burst under city streets, the city wastes no time developing a plan of action. It doesn't matter how cold it is or what time of day it is. 

They have really had their hands full with damage from the ice and snow storms. And, with ice and snow, brutally cold temperatures go along with them. 

We are so grateful for the men and women who work to keep our water and sewer lines flowing in all kinds of weather.

And when the snow and ice melt, our roadways will be damaged. That's a given. Please be patient as the street department gets started on that problem.

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