THUMBS UP to Davyon Johnson, who saved not one, but two lives in the same day.

Davyon, a sixth-grade student at the 6th and 7th Grade Academy, leapt into action when another student was choking on a bottle cap.

The other student was trying to fill his water bottle and trying to loosen the cap with his mouth. The cap slipped into his throat. Fortunately for him, he stumbled into the classroom where Davyon happened to be. Davyon performed the Heimlich maneuver, and the bottle cap popped out.

Later the same day, Davyon saved a disabled woman from her burning house.

Davyon is a true hero. He acted quickly without hesitation in both circumstances.

Davyon has said that he wants to be an EMT (emergency medical technician). We think he's off to a great start.

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THUMBS UP to local businessman Nik Morgan for helping children who don't have bicycles. 

Morgan, owner of Morgan Towing, spent 28 hours in a bucket lift to make sure that 300 bicycles were collected. Morgan was set to spend as much time as it took to get those 300 bicycles. They received more than 300.

He came down at 4 p.m. Monday after two City of Muskogee sanitation workers brought the 300th bicycle to the donation tent.

This is the fourth year Morgan Towing has collected and distributed bicycles to schools through its Hooked on Pedaling initiative. But this is the first year Morgan decided to stay suspended in a lift bucket to encourage donations. 

Mayes Towing, Advantage Controls and Whitlock Lawn Service each donated $1,000 to help with purchasing the bicycles.

We are happy to see that the Christmas spirit is alive and well in Muskogee.

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