Oklahomans will be glad to know that a new service online will save them time and money, but we're concerned about the site's security for handling sensitive personal information.

A Kansas City-based business, PayIt, and the state of Oklahoma have created myOklahoma, an online service where Oklahomans will be able to renew their vehicle registrations and order birth certificates.

But, if you have to use credit cards online, who else has access to that information? 

And if you would rather stay home to renew a vehicle registration, you'll be able to do that. With the new service, residents will be able to go to the head of the line — online. 

And, if you've ever had to deal with the state to get a copy of a birth certificate, you can to wait for them to mail it from Oklahoma City, or you can drive to Tulsa to get one (and there's waiting involved there, too).

The myOklahoma vehicle registration renewal will provide users with a valid, digital version of their vehicle registration, and myOklahoma enables users to create a profile that will hold their general and payment information. 

The program also will benefit people who work in those state offices. It is supposed to cut down on phone calls and alleviate wait times for customers.

Additionally, it gives government staff a more effective way to communicate with residents through email notifications, such as vehicle registration renewal and expiration reminders.

If the state offices that handle vehicle registrations and birth certificates have positive results with the program, it will be expanded to other state offices. The goal is for myOklahoma to provide services from every level of government within the state. 

We like the idea of bypassing lines and having processes move along quicker, saving citizens time and money — as long as our information is secure.

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