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The family of Erma J. Reaves would like to thank Keith Biglow funeral director and staff; the Rev. David L. Ragsdale Jr.; the Rev. Samuel L. Mingo; the Rev. Richard D. Brooks and Carolyn Bowens for their assistance during our mother's heavenly transition.

editor's pick topical

Larry Parsons has so much hate in his soul that I feel sorry for him. I do know him personally and know that his twin brother is nothing like him. President Trump has done a great job for this country and just people realize this. If the democrats would just leave him alone, he can even do b…

In my old neighborhood, I would jog by my neighbors fence. His dog would always hit the fence yapping, barking, and growling at me. Why was the dog barking at me? I never did anything to that dog, yet it seemed he had a devilish disdain for me. It really wasn't me that the dog was angry with…

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