Manuel Ybarra Jr., Coalgate

America and the World are presently shaken by a tiny virus, so tiny that it is invisible to Man’s naked eye. 

Fear of contracting an infection from such a small living creature and facing sickness and possibly death is shaking mighty Man around the world!

It is quite possible that God, the creator of Earth and the entire universe, is trying to get Man’s attention!

According to the Word of God, He tells us that in the beginning He created Heaven and Earth and everything in them, visible and invisible, and that we all belong to him.

In the same “Word of God” He told us how in Noah’s time he destroyed most of His living creation by the “Great Flood” because they became so WICKED.

Since then, He has judged and destroyed many nations. God also punished many nations in the hope they would return to Him and follow his ways, including Israel, his chosen nation.

This present world has become exceedingly WICKED! God predicted this would happen and that at His “appointed time” he will judge and destroy the wicked.

Our extremely patient Creator is still trying to save us all. He loves us, and He is real, not a myth!

His Word must be taught to all. Faith comes by hearing the Word, reading the Word, and following his Word. Jesus is, “the way, the truth, and the life.”

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