Harlen Mogck, Muskogee

Two hundred years ago, a Frenchman, Alexis de Tocqueville, prophesied how democratic institutions could easily fall into tyranny.

Over a period of time, day by day choices are restricted more and more as the state gradually removes autonomy from each individual.

As society is overcome with laws, rules, regulations managing every aspect of life, event the ambitious struggle to break through them.

These we of regulations soften, bend, repress, drains, dulls until they finally reduce a nation to nothing more than a flock of timid hardworking animals with the government as shepherd.

As a result, the people delegate more of their lives to the state whose decision and provision they begin to rely upon more than they rely upon themselves.

A nation of individuals who no longer govern themselves can't be expected to wisely choose these who will govern them. 

They no longer know what free, virtuous, wise decision making is.

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