Lee Ann Langston


As we prepare for a new year, let’s look closely at what many of our neighbors, friends, and families have faced in 2020. Far too many have lost loved ones and are still grieving. They need our support. We have all experienced various levels of fear while living in unusual times where we often felt it safer to stay home. Some of our loved ones are serving our country without being able to come home. 

Jobs have been lost, businesses closed, restaurants and bars limited, while students, parents, and teachers have had to adjust to learning on computers. Nothing has been easy in what I call the DECADE of 2020. We have each suffered in many ways, but some more than others.

We are fortunate to live a community-friendly town, but we can always do better. Everyone can do something that will bless others. We don’t need to wait until our wonderful community organizations step up. They serve our citizens regularly, which is wonderful. Each of us can also reach out by donating to our favorite nonprofit, but actually serving those who are struggling is often more gratifying to both those who benefit, but more so to those who serve.

Our community needs us more than ever now. Reach out where you can, where you recognize needs.

“Santa drops” with toys left on a porch can change the lives of a struggling family. Paying for the groceries of the family behind you in the store, donating to your favorite charity, sending a check to the Eastern Oklahoma Food Bank, handing a mom a $20 bill after seeing her children longing over dolls they obviously can’t afford, paying for the next person in line buying their gasoline — all of which are easy for most of us.

If you don’t personally know a family in need, you’ve been blessed but you can find one easily by asking a minister, a teacher, or a friend.

Share with those who might not have one without your assistance!

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