Daniel Chepkauskas,


As a lifelong resident of Muskogee and advocate for health care providers and their patients, there is clear choice when it comes to ensuring vibrant health care for Oklahomans, and more specifically, District 14.

Rep. Sneed has introduced and garnered overwhelming support for legislation that would ensure all Oklahomans NEVER receive surprise medical bills and more specifically, protect Muskogee from losing education funding by entities such as St. Francis that utilize their “not-for-profit” status as a tool to neglect in-kind contributions and paying property taxes.

After spending countless hours at the Oklahoma Capitol, I have personally witnessed a legislator who is willing to fight health insurance companies so that his constituents, as well as all Oklahomans, are provided affordable healthcare and increased access.

Communities across this country, like Muskogee, are struggling to provide health care and attract the best and brightest in their respective field. Health care costs continue to increase in the form of premiums, and health care providers are continually leaving their practice due to greedy health insurance companies, and what many would call unethical and fraudulent practices.

District 14 needs more than a “yes” or “no” vote at the Oklahoma State Capitol; Representative Sneed is precisely what we NEED. Rep. Sneed actively promotes legislation that will have a profound impact on the constituents of his district and ensure we are all provided the health care we need and pay for in the form of health insurance premiums.

Vote to Re-Elect Representative Sneed on June 30.

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