C.H. McLeod,

Los Angeles

I'd like to address this to the people of this nice city. Please, please wear a mask in public as it's the single greatest weapon we have in fighting this invisible threat we can neither shoot, bomb or pray away at the moment.

I'm a Muskogee native happy to be home during this most troubling time in our nation's history. During this pandemic I have done my best to limit in-person social interactions, wearing a mask in high-risk situations and the other guidance from the CDC. Due to local lockdowns in the city I came from, I decided to come home to ride out what is sure to be a very challenging time for all of us.

When I arrived in Tulsa I self-quarantined at a hotel for several days while monitoring myself for potential exposure to the viral threat we are facing. While it was lonely, I did not want to potentially expose my loved ones, including parents in their 70s with underlying health conditions, to SARS 2 Covid-19.

I spent the early days of this pandemic hoping things would improve, but instead they have deteriorated in nearly all areas of the country.

Muskogee, a town of patriots and individual spirits. I realize mask wearing is antithesis to individual expression, but all credible medical professionals suggest this as a way to quantifiably reduce the amount of respiratory droplets in the air that transmit this disease, especially in indoor settings.

I know the holidays are approaching, but this evil viral threat does not care. It infects the poor as well as the wealthy. Keeping a safe distance from others, working with other parents and families on consistent measures to take in order to protect our interconnected households is crucial to getting through this, literally alive.

Please wear a mask in public settings, especially indoors like at the gas station or any place else. If you want to enjoy food from your favorite restaurant please consider takeout or delivery. When our air is unsafe to breathe because of the respiratory droplets we exhale when we talk, cough or sneeze, we have to wear the damn masks whether we like it or not.

I look forward to as safe as possible and socially distanced Thanksgiving meal with my family in an outdoor setting. We're doing our best to be together while keeping safe.

I know we're in a place where people would rather show force with weapons. Please, please look at your mask as a weapon, and wear it in public or around others not from your household. If not, then this could be our last holiday, especially with those who have pre-existing conditions like myself and my parents. 

We all have to sacrifice and it gets lonely, but collectively wearing the masks according to CDC guidelines will greatly increase yours and your loved ones chances of survival.

True patriots wear masks, not discourage them.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to my hometown. 

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