Jeff Pickens, Stillwater

Pro Death ?

I am a Republican and did not vote for Clinton or Trump.

I am disgusted with most Republican senators.

I pray they realize the first priority needs to be protecting us!

Filling the seat of Supreme Court Justice R.B. Ginsburg can wait.

Many businesses are failing because people don’t have money, not because they are scared to go to the store.

We can’t force people into lower paying and infection risk jobs.

If you think things suck now, just wait till all the struggling people are totally broke.

Covid relief gave people spending money and unemployment pay. $1200 per citizen and extra $ 600/week unemployment powered the consumer base and saved businesses.

If you want to know what increases abortion, it is an unstable economy. If people don’t have money, they won’t be able to afford children or adoption.

The U.S. budget is equally owned by us all.

Does it matter if we spend every penny to save human life?

No, there is no time to argue over filling a dead woman’s judgeship while more people are dying.

Quit disgracing the great Republican Party of Lincoln, Eisenhower and many of my loved ones.

Choose life Senators! Pass a relief package before you do anything!

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